10 Ways You Can Easily Upgrade Your Kitchen

Getting the kitchen of your dreams without spending heavily is no day’s task.While you might have the picture of a perfect kitchen hovering around your head—or probably pinned to a Pinterest board—performing a complete revamp of your current kitchen design might be way above your budgetat the moment.

According to Bankrate, the average cost of a kitchen revamp is $21,751 with top-notch revamps averaging at nearly $50,909. However, you don’t necessarily need to splash much cash before getting closer to the kitchen of your dreams.

Here are some few easy ways to upgrade your kitchen whether you’ve lived in your home for years or just recently moved in:

1. Change your hardware and floors

Unlike popular beliefs, changing your old and outdated hardware is easier than you think. Adding a brass design to your finishing would give your kitchen a modernistic and sleek look.

Also, for hardwood floors finishes such as varnish, polyurethane or wax, investing in a floor heating system like Heavenly Heat would provide you with an additional level of comfort—giving your kitchen a luxurious feel.

Installing an electric underfloor heating system is very useful in keeping your kitchen area and floors warm and fresh hours. There are also DIY underfloor heating systems that homeowners can purchase and install themselves.

2.  Repainting the cabinets or something

It might seem like a lot of work painting your cabinets, but doing it is quite cheap. Doing it yourself would only cost you about the price of one or two buckets of paint and maybe some paint splashes on your hands.

Irrespective of the colour you choose, adding a fresh coat of paint on your kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen area a completely different look.

3.  Paint the walls

If painting cabinets might be too much work for you, or maybe you’re really comfortable with the existing colour, painting your kitchen walls can breathe new life into your kitchen space.

New colours always stand out, whether you choose a darker shade or a brighter colour. Just ensure that it complements the colour of your cabinets to avoid a visual riot in your kitchen.

4.  Install open shelves

For those who have lots of space on their kitchen walls, adding some shelves to them can transform the look of your kitchen.

Open shelving is a great way to flaunt your glassware or serveware collection—or beautiful cookbook—and it also provides extra space for additional storage.

5.  Give your countertops a new covering

For many of us, installing that exquisite countertops might be a huge financial constraint. But, an easy way to rebrand your kitchen counter is by covering it with a new surface board or slab of marble.

This method is particularly useful for homeowners who want to conceal a damaged portion of their counter until they can perform a full-blown countertop revamp.

6.  Install under-cabinet lighting

It is easy to find a variety of under-cabinet lightings—including those stick-on types with LED batteries—to help you create a dramatic sceneryin your kitchen area.

Using under-cabinet lighting provides a much softer option than overhead lighting—especially since it is more attractive in the dark.

7. Pastea wallpaper or hang an artwork

Today, wallpapers are a great alternative to repainting walls—especially since they are plenty of beautiful peel-and-stick wallpapers in the market these days. All you have to do is choose from a variety of patterns and colours to match your taste.

Also, if you have enough blank walls in your kitchen, you could explore the option of hanging up some trendy artwork that matches your style.

8. Install a new faucet

Changing your faucet might not feel like an upgrade until you actually change it. You would be surprised the amount of different getting a new faucet can make.

Shopping for a faucet that matches the same specs as your existing one in the market is quite easy and once found, you can easily swap it out without the need to drill holes in your countertop or change your kitchen sink.

9. Spend money on one new appliance

Buying appliances little by little is less of a financial burden that splurging lots of cash on multiple appliances at once.

Therefore, carefully select the appliance you need to replace urgently and purchase a newer model—as this could give your kitchen a more refreshing look.

10. Include some plants

No one is asking you to turn your kitchen space into a florist shop, but beautiful plants can make any space better.

The best recommendations for a kitchen include popular choices like English Ivy, Spider plants and Aloe Vera plants.


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