4 packing tips ahead of your big house move

When we talk about major life events, most of us think about getting married or having our first baby.

However, something which grabs the headlines for all the wrong reasons is moving house. It has been found that moving house is significantly more stressful than both of the above events - which tells its own story.

Today's post isn't going to get into the perils of solicitors and all of the other delays that can impact a house move. Instead, it's going to focus on packing, and show you four tips that you can turn to in a bid to make this process so much easier.

Take advantage of a storage solution

In some cases, it's not about packing effectively, it's just about getting various items out of the house as quickly as possible.

This is where a storage company tends to come into its own. Whether it is a piece of furniture, or just lots of belongings, moving them into storage for the interim is something that can help your plight substantially. It means that you don't have to deal with said items on the day of your house move, and they can be tucked out of the way until you decide otherwise.

Most professional movers are willing to work with you as well and can help transport things from storage to your new home.

Have an "essentials box"

You've done the hard work, and you've moved into your new home. However, everything is in boxes.

This is where you desperately need an essentials box. This contains all of those essential items that you are going to need for the next couple of days. Of course, this list is going to differ between people, but on the whole it tends to involve kettles, pans, toothbrushes and anything else that you will need for your basic living needs.

Adopt a coding system

Again, picture yourself in your new home. You're all moved in - but there are boxes everywhere.

This is where you need to tap into some sort of coding system. Without it, you won't have a clue where each box lives.

If you can color code each box, and attribute a color to each room, you will find the moving process so much easier. You can ask your removal team to deliver boxes to their designated room and suddenly, everything becomes much clearer.

Remember the laundry-factor

Something else that you need to stay on top of, which a lot of people forget, is the laundry. Sure, you might have set days for doing it, but this is hardly going to be a normal, working week. On the contrary, everything is going to be up in the air – and the last thing you need is to be short of clean clothes as you complete your move. Or, worse still, attempting to dry clothes quickly that you left until the last minute.

It’s worth mentioning that you probably won’t install a washing machine immediately when you move home, so putting together a rough plan for laundry is something that you really should make sure you carry out.


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