Coronavirus perpetrators to be arrested during Internet shutdown alleges whistleblower

In the above webinar, David Wilcox in a webinar broadcasted on March 29 suggests that the coronavirus has been executed by Archons in a secretive "Deep State" that has sought to run the world, and that these perpetrators are to be arrested during a three day closure of the internet.  Dr Michael Salla's insights suggest that the coronavirus is some kind of electro-biogenic weapon that is being delivered by a "Deep State" through 5G microwave transmissions which trigger coronavirus as an auto-immune response.  

Dr Micheal Salla documents on that the "Deep State" has been supported by manipulative aliens through "technology agreements".

The Deep State are an alleged group of Neo-Nazis who support the ultimate objectives of Nazi Germany through a sought New World Order/

One article in State of the Nation describes the coronavirus as "telephone disease".

Wilcox's webinar was watched live by approximately 35,000 viewers, with a total of over 645,000 views to date since its airing.

"He provided an update to the Defender Europe 20 military exercises, which he explained provided the necessary personnel and equipment that would be used in conjunction with U.S. special forces to raid the European fortresses of senior Deep State figures hiding from secret indictments issued by U.S. grand juries," elaborates Dr. Salla.

In another article, Dr. Salla discussed how the origins of the pandemic could be traced back to a 2005 meeting in the City of London, where Deep State figures discussed a plan that had been developed for implementing their New World Order. The key point was that the elaborate sequence of events involving a global pandemic needed to be implemented in full in order to achieve success for the creation of a New World Order.

Dr. Salla asserts that the release of the COVID-19  pandemic is indeed a last ditch effort by the Deep State to overwhelm nation states.

But, frankly, I am sceptical that an alleged planned "shutdown" of the internet designed to wipe out all of its could be anything but a hostile and provocative act against human sovereignty.

Perhaps the most significant representation of the testimony of David Wilcox is that the coronavirus has been orchestrated by some group and constitutes a "Weapon of Mass Destruction" which constitutes "Crimes Against Humanity".

You be the judge.


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