Hire an investigative journalist instead of a lawyer

Are you frustrated by lawyers who keep robbing you over $400/hr with little progress to show?

Do you seek to generate social awareness or inspire public debate on critical issues.

We provide investigative journalist services.

We will interview you and then prepare article(s) that you approve for publishing in targeted newspapers online that is based upon your budget.

We appreciate and support human rights in general and the values associated with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Our experience includes media coverage on issues related to abuses by Children's Aid Societies which are oppressive to both children and a parent; reports or racism including racial profile; sexism and other forms of institutionalized discrimination and reports of abuses by courts and various organizations.

Much of these abuses continue because of a lack of critical social awareness and public attention by the so-called "mainstream media". We can help get the attention that your case deserves.

Lawyers in Canada often seek to collude with the system in their efforts to exploit clients.

We seek to raise issues as investigative journalists in support of the affirmation of constitutional rights association with human rights and freedom of the press alike.

You're invited to message us for a quick consultation.

But PLEASE NOTE that we're a team of investigative journalists who value our independence and don't report to any specific news organization in what we do because they are highly controlled by elites. As a result, a lot of cover-up takes place that Canadians don't see.

However, as a result, clients who we serve need to pay for our services to enable us to have special contracts with writers who have special ways of getting stories out there.

Regrettably, we therefore cannot offer our investigative media research and writing services at no cost.

Our investigative journalism and media advocacy services start at $50/hr.

Please note an initial phone consultation is $50 payable via Interac etransfer of PayPal.

Please confirm if you decide to reply to this ad that $50 for an initial phone consultation is within your budget for our investigative journalistic and media / social media publicity services.

Please confirm you have seen the cost for an initial phone consultation when you reply.

Email Peter Tremblay at agorakanata@gmail.com for more information.


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