Indo-Pak Realignment and Sovereign Jammu Kashmir

These days, India and Pakistan “keep meeting” at various levels to essentially stay at the same cross point, despite their mischievous smiles and their prisoners crossing the borders hesitantly. However, the "talks" seems to have benefited New Delhi marginally in terms of nuclear and economic deals with Western powers. And hence India is eager to prolong both bogus "talks" with Islamabad and illegal occupation of Jammu Kashmir plus massacres of Muslims without any objections from world bodies like the notorious UNSC, ICJ and ICC.

Madam Rabbani, the new foreign minister and, probably the only, charming face of Pakistan, destabilized and disfigured by their trusted American allies though, among other terror strategies, the high precision Obama drones, has just concluded her first ever foreign trip to New Delhi to try and influence the hard headed Indian leaders to surrender sovereignty back to Kashmiris!

Ms. Rabbani also met the senior most Kashmiri leader S. A. Geelani in New Delhi and Indian media indirectly condemned it as an age-old Indian state policy.

An impression is deliberately created in India media that India is too willing to realign with Pakistan by resolving the Kashmir "dispute" but Pakistan and its "terrorists" are blocking all good intentions of an innocent looking India. All these years India refused to discuss the Kashmir sovereignty issue in order to really make any headway for bilateral ties.

Kashmir issue continues to create hurdles in realigning the strained Indo-Pakistan ties and without surrendering sovereignty back to Kashmiris, India cannot hope to make any real progress in bilateral ties, except some vague improvements on economic-trade front. This is the real position and any number of “talks” cannot alter it unless India decides to behave normal. All diplomatic and terror efforts to bully Pakistan even by using the lobbyists and the illegally paid US agents or by extra influencing the Obama regime, Madam Clinton or CIA and FBI, India is not going to achieve its illegal goals or immoral ambitions like occupation of JK on a permanent basis.

India’s known position is that it may not be interested in any worthy ties with Pakistan if India has to pay the price by surrendering sovereignty to Kashmiris. Hence New Delhi keeps blasting missiles to let Pakistan know, China as well, that it is ready for any number of wars, forcing Islamabad also do the same by spending huge resources on this unproductive but destructive military effort.

Indian policy is now no more focused on just containing Pakistan as it used to be, because Pakistan is already badly weakened. In order to achieve its colonial “big power” status by permanently occupying UNSC with a veto handle, India is of late seen engaging all big western powers as well as their Eastern allies like South Korea from where the UN chief ban ki Moon hails, in nuclear and other strategic deals.

Global state terror climate in Islamic nations somehow reassures India in prolonging the illegal occupation of JK. Even while slaughtering thousands of innocent Kashmiri Muslims in brutally suppressing freedom movement, India, at the same time, makes all out efforts to make the explosive Kashmir issue appear to be a non-issue and pulls all strings to track Kashmiris in Kashmir and outside if they pursue or support the freedom struggle of Kashmiris. Recent FBI operations against American Kashmiris supporting their genuine cause of freedom from Indian yoke vindicates the hunch that India employs many American leaders not only to shield its crimes against humanity by bribing them since 1947 when it became free from British colonial clutches but also to promote Indian illegal occupation interests in Jammu Kashmir.

India coerces USA to overstay in occupied Afghanistan to promote Indian interests. By appeasing India, USA in fact pursues the issue of illegal occupation of Afghanistan by refixing the deadlines on a regular basis.

Kashmiris over years of cordial relations depended too much on Pakistan for its survival and reemergence of an independent Jammu Kashmir nation and India worked to hard to split the historical bond. A foolish policy by Pakistani regime has got the nation destabilized by those that Islamabad has helped to effect “regime changes” in Muslim world. By using a failed pro-US policy, Pakistan has also failed as a state. Once totally destabilized, Pakistan could be further weakened by joint Indo-US operations in the region. India is trying to make Pakistan also pro-India and “leave Kashmir alone” so that it remains a part of Indian Union.

Pakistani regime still thinks since it wrongly supported NATO invasion of Islamic Afghanistan by letting its own soil as their illegal launching pad for US state terrorists in the first place, it also wrongly think that it has a stake in prolonging the illegal war in Af-Pak, but pressure is mounting from voters against any support for NATO terror syndicate and asking the regime to say to Obama "no more" as a final word. The western funds thrown at Islamabad at the cost of the nation’s lives and security is a price that the population of Pakistan is no more willing to pay. Sooner than later, the NATO will have to leave Pakistan as well as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, whether aspiring countries at the cost of others like India likes it or not.

Since India has been operating as a part of anti-Islamic western terrocratic coalition, there is very little chance that it would ever decide to surrender sovereignty to Kashmiris. Just as it annexed and brutally occupied neighboring Jammu Kashmir, slaughtering and consuming the Muslims there, India has also very tactfully legalized all its illegal arms trade by entering the notorious UNSC and it has shut the wide mouths of other UNSC members including the veto rogues on the question of granting sovereignty back of Jammu Kashmir.

However, sensing danger from the western terrocracies for India's big ambitions, New Delhi plays a foul game by supporting all imperialist operations of the NATO terror syndicate around the world, including Pakistan and Libya.

All efforts by both Kashmiris and Islamabad to free Jammu Kashmir from Indian yoke could not succeed because India has established big connections with the western powers that control the notorious UNSC. Even the continuous freedom struggles could not prompt any speedy resolution by India either. Only outcome is brutal murders of Muslims in Kashmir by Indian post-paid state terrorists.

Overseas Kashmiris also divided between pro-India and pro-Pakistan; they either support Indian occupation through the puppet government in Srinagar to gain favors from India, or take a Pakistani stand or hesitantly support the freedom struggle hoping for some big posts when and if at all J.K. becomes free; in this case they do not question the ridiculous role the UK and USA played to make J.K. an occupied nation. When the Kashmiri Diaspora is reluctant to criticize US-UK for their immoral support for Indian invasion and occupation of their nation by neighboring India as well as of massacres in J.K. committed for decades by India forces, India and other notorious UNSC members take that as tacit approval of both Indian genocides and their joint operations.

When pro-India elements in JK help India kill Muslims in Kashmir, The pro-Pakistani Kashmiris who want an independent Kashmir have not yet realized that Pakistani regime today is qualitatively different from the one existed some years ago actively promoting the legitimate freedom struggle of Kashmiris but for the present leaders their own survival and future of their wealthy families are the main concern although they might not betray the Kashmiris.

The global developments like state terror operations by the West in Islamic world for resources do not promote the genuine objectives of Kashmiris, in stead they strengthen Indian terror hands. Apart from Indian pressure tactics preventing the criminal UNSC-5 from initiating punitive measures for Indian crimes against humanity, USA or UK has no interest on their own in freeing Jammu Kashmir from brute Indian control. Since they all are jointly involved in the terror attacks taking place in the world today, they do not want to promote genuine interests of Muslims in Kashmir.

Muslim Kashmiris who die for freedom and fall victim to Indian conspiracies against Jammu Kashmir are awfully unfortunate to have become slave on their own lands, while Hindus in JK are treated by New Delhi as well as the JK government as Indian state guests.

Even while leader of Pakistan and India meet either in India or Pakistan, Indian terror strategists in military establishment plot terror conspiracies to kill Muslims in Kashmir by fake encounters and ask their media outlets to blast the breaking news: "Kashmiri Terrorists & Militants killed by Indian patriots".

In stead of pushing for an independent Jammu Kashmir and Palestine, Obama regime, which came to replace an arrogant Bushdom and end NATO terrorism n occupied nations, plays the CIA game as well as finance-credit-terror politics to somehow cushion an ailing US economy.

But any credible bilateral ties between arch foes India and Pakistan as well as peace in South Asia is impossible without allowing an independent Jammu Kashmir to reemerge! Vague CBMs alone are not enough!

The Indian terror show goes on and innocent Kashmiri Muslims keep falling victims to Indian state terrorism!

India and its core fascist media are using the Kashmir issue to crush Indian Muslims. So long as Kashmiri Muslims are under Indian attack, Indian Muslims cannot escape Indian brutality either.Once India settles Kashmir issue and make over with Pakistan, Indian Muslims will also breathe fresh air and think for their future!

The ball, clearly, is in India court.


Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc);Former university Teacher; Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by anti-Islamic agencies.

Terrorism is caused by anti-Islamic forces. Fake democracies like USA and India have zero-tolerance to any criticism of their anti-Muslim and other aggressive practices.Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism".Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims.


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