Why Tajikistan bans Islam during Holy Ramadan?

It is not just the western nations that are essentially anti-Islamic, but unfortunately even Muslim nations do not actually promote true Islam. It is indeed atrocious to see that the Muslim rulers think it is their birth privilege to rule the way dictated by the corporate world run by the relatives and friends these corrupt and hypocritical rulers and they seek protection of the western terrocracies on payment basis both in kind and cash. Some Muslim nations do not encourage, rather they discourage, Islamic faith in their own countries.

That the era of west-triggered terrorism has only emboldened these Muslim rulers to silence the populations and loot the nation’s resources –only to be invested and stored abroad 0- remains a sad commentary on Islamic rule world wide- not just in Pakistan or Bangladesh or Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia or Kuwait or Dubai (UAE), where in and kith of ruling families control everything while their “paid” sluggish media shield all state crimes and family corruptions. . .

There are five Central Asian Muslim states. These states emerged upon the disintegration of a mighty Soviet Union according to a conspiracy script produced by the CIA to end socialist domination of world affairs and focus on Islam and Muslim resources.

These Central Asian regimes almost promote practically one-party-rule and are, therefore, extra corrupt and criminal oriented right from the beginning of their existence in 1992. While during the Soviet era these Muslim states were more interested in communist gimmicks than Islam, now as “free “ “democratic” nations, shielded by both Russia and USA, they promote corruption and family rule and are least bothered about Islamic rule by implementing Shariia Law. Muslims in these live like those Muslim minorities in non-Muslim or anti-Islamic nations.

Tajikistan, which offered its land and sea waters for foreign military terror bases on payment basis, is totally insensitive to Islamic goals and demands and it rulers are corrupt dictators who disallow the Muslims to live like true Muslims.

Tajik President Imomali Rakhmon, in perpetual power since 1992, shielded by West as well as Russia, has banned youths from praying in mosques and churches, prompting a local Muslim leader to call the move "a gruesome gift" for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Rakhmon signed the bill on "parental responsibility" on Wednesday. He has said tough measures are needed to stop the spread of religious fundamentalism in his country of 7.5 million people, 98 percent of them are Muslim.

All people under 18, except those studying at religious schools, are banned from worshipping in the Central Asian nation's mosques, churches or other religious sites, said the law which came into force on last Friday. It also bans girls from wearing jewellery except earrings and prohibits people under 20 from getting tattoos, going to night clubs and watching films or reading material which "disseminates pornography, violence, extremism and terrorism".

Rakhmon, who enjoys vast powers in the poorest of the former Soviet states, last year brought many Tajik students home from religious schools abroad and clamped down on a growing trend for Islamic dress. A total of 158 people were jailed for "religious extremism" in Tajikistan, which borders Afghanistan and China, in 2010, five times more than in 2009.

Prior to the adoption of this law, the authorities had already become too distant from their people and their needs, and now they turn this gap into an abyss of estrangement. A prominent Muslim theologist Akbar Turajonzoda grudged, "During the month of Ramadan and just a month before the 20th anniversary of Tajikistan's “independence”, the authorities made a gruesome present to all believers".

Tajik regime like its counterparts in the region, uses apparent CIA-sponsored terrorism and uprisings to kick the people as they like. It is not clear what the punishment is for breaking the ban. USA and entire western anti-Islamic world does not see any violation of human rights in Central Asia. Rakhmon, whose Moscow-backed secular government clashed with the Islamist opposition during a 1992-97 civil war, has ignored requests from the United States and European Union to respect the freedom of conscience.

Leaders of Central Asia behave like despots just as they had behaved under the Soviet system which at least had cared for common people, but today these Muslim leaders, like Russian oligarchs, promote only their interests at home and abroad. The people of Tajikistan feel that their president must have forgotten that the law of God is superior to the earthly law. "This is why I doubt that under fear of fines young people will stop paying respect to Allah by praying."

Today Russia considers the region as Moscow’s “legitimate” backyard and strikes deals with USA, China and other energy hungry cunning nations on behalf of these nations, while all concerned as well as unconcerned share the booty. Russia, USA, China India and other “democratic” nations are vying for resources and bases in Central Asia by bribing the Muslim leaders in the region which revolves around the Caspian energy resources on which all terrocracies are focused.

CIA and US president Obama, without hesitation, called Libyan leader Col Qaddafi a “dictator” for fun and make the world hate Libya to facilitate the easy loot of Libyan oil, has not called the real dictators in Central Asia, glaringly exposing the true nature of US hollow policy.

An Observation

Today, all corrupt Muslim rulers and leaders with criminal records try to unleash repressive measure if Muslims seek Islamic rule or Islamic reforms. They even do not hesitate to call these pro-Islamic people the "terrorists" to court the automatic support of all anti-Islamic nations and their fascist media. Both Arab and non-Arab rulers resort to these anti-Islamic nasty gimmicks to survive and strengthen their family rule.

Tajik madness is not an aberration on part of Muslim leaders but an outward expression of their anti-Islamic stand and pro-west criminal mindset. These Muslim corrupt leaders know for any anti-Islamic law they have the tacit support of western terrocrats and eastern, including Arabian hypocrites.


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