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America suffers from war, not debt crisis

America’s corporate media proselytized the idea that America suffers from a debt crisis. But the so-called debt crisis is only symptomatic of the real crisis that confronts America. America’s real problem is a “war crisis”. The apparent “controllers” who rule America from within both the so-called “Democratic” and “Republican” parties operate like a group of “crack” cocaine and heroin brokers. But, what is the Democratic and Republican power brokers drug of choice? Their apparent drug of choice is war.

It was the ancient Pagan Gnostics who identified elite structures and powers on Earth, as the “humanized face of parasitic alien control”. Dr. John Lash’s research on Pagan Gnostic suggests that “alien mind parasites” seek to instigate wars on Earth, so as to get a narcotic-like high, which is analogous to the pursuit of “highs” by drug addicts. Crack and heroin addict steal to support their drug-habit, and the alien controllers - that the Pagan Gnostics called archons -- of Earth make wars to pursue their alien agenda.

When the heroin or crack addict runs out of money, and have to start making IOUs, debt is not their axiomatic problem. Access to drugs is the axiomatic problem for the addict. Similarly, America’s elites continue to stream billions and trillions of dollars, for what?

Has there been any war since World War II that America has waged, which has been really about freedom and democracy? The incident of 9/11, the pretext for the War on Terrorism, was shrouded in cover-up. Innocents tend not to seek to pursue cover-up. Iraqis after America’s war, now suffer from much more hardship and oppression, than what was happening under Saddam Hussein, alongside profiteering American corporate stakeholders. Democracy in Afghanistan has also become a similar joke, as NATO reportedly uses Al Qaeda mercenaries to spend even more money on yet another war - Libya.

Now, there are reports that surface about new plans for a “limited nuclear war” against Russia’s and China’s ally: Iran What… I thought that those guys had no money?

America’s “controllers” drug-like addiction to war had left the public treasury of the American people bare, as the crack or heroin addict might eventually do to their families. Keith Olbermann in the above video elaborates that only the American people can stop America and the rest of the world being consumed in the apparent World War III scenario that the elites seem to be pursuing, in behalf of “alien parasites“ that exploit humanity.


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