Gaza Strip: Israel Cuts Electricity, Communication Lines

According to Palestinian News Agency Maan and Egyptian newspaper Al Shorouk, Israeli bulldozers have cut electricity and communication lines in the Gaza strip yesterday.

The Palestinian news agency stated that bulldozers have managed to knock down several communication lines, the most prominent being the line connecting the Nahal Oz area in Israel. Additionally, all main electricity lines have been knocked down.

A Gaza resident, according to Maan, said that after the sunset athan (calling for prayer) in the Gaza strip, all local and international phone lines were nonexistent.

It is worth noting that most of the Muslim world, including a large Muslim population in Gaza, are fasting due to the month of Ramadan. Fasting begins at sunrise and ends at sunset everyday for 30 days.

The first day of Ramadan for most Muslims in Palestine and the Arab world started on Aug. 1.


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