Fukushima: America's Crime Against Humanity?

Jim Stone is an investigative journalist who alleges that the Fukushima nuclear disaster is consistent with 'tsunami bomb' technology.  Sounds crazy... but why did the U.S. withold support from Japan during a critical time of the meltdown of its reactors?  It almost seems that certain interests "wanted" for this global disaster to occur.

A new book by former U.S diplomat Kevin Maher reports that the U.S. government knew early on that meltdowns had occurred at the Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant.  Maher alleges that the government considered evacuating all Americans, but ultimately decided against the plan for political reasons.  The book, titled, "The Japan That Can't Decide," is written in Japanese.

This news follows admissions by the Japanese government that it withheld information that left millions of people exposed to airborne radiation that spread as far as Tokyo, and exposed even more to long-lived radionuclides spread via the food chain.

Maher, who says he coordinated U.S. government teams working with the Japanese government, reports that "independent U.S. information indicated at least two of the plant's six reactor cores were melting down" (AP).

internet site reference: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/08/18/1008182/-US-government-knew-early-on-that-Fukushima-meltdowns-had-occurred


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