Actors and Operatives launched the War on Terrorism

Anyone who knows about 9/11 conspiracy theories has probably heard about the information indicating that a Boeing 757 did not impact the Pentagon on 9/11. If you are not aware of this evidence, you can see a compilation of it here.

For many years, most of the movement believed that Flight 93 had crashed in Shanksville, but was shot down by a US fighter jet. This is government disinformation. Flight 93 did not crash into Shanksville, though I won't deal with that in this post. If you wish to see a compilation of this evidence, check it out here.

Many people in the 911 movement have realized that no plane hit the Pentagon and no plane crashed in Shanksville. The theory that no planes crashed into the World Trade Center sparks: "What?? What about the eyewitnesses?"

Morgan Reynolds and Andrew Johnson have exposed the fact that most of the eyewitnesses did not see or hear airplanes. Gerard Holmgren has shown that numerous initial eyewitness accounts reported small planes, missiles, or just explosions.

The initial eyewitnesses reporting jetliners were people employed by the mainstream media, such as CNN Vice President of finance Sean Murtagh (Says he saw a big jet) and senior ABC producer Mark Obenhaus (Also says he saw a big jet). Others were simply anonymous callers. Others were TV eyewitnesses who have been exposed as actors in staged, mock interviews.

The most well-known shot of Flight 11 is the one taken by the Naudet brothers. These two French filmmakers were at the right place at the right time. They were in the middle of the street, with hi-tech equipment, with no traffic, with no people walking around, and with a squad of ready-to-go firefighters. Talk about a perfect shot opportunity, with a highly coincidental 'gas leak' to act as the cover for being there to film the event at just the right time. At 9:03, they would also catch the second hit. At 5:20, they would also catch the collapse of Building 7.

Flight 11 appears as no more than an unidentifiable blob and hits, creating a much larger wingspan than it's actual size is. In fact, when it hits, despite appearing small, the gash it creates goes from side to side of the building! Note that smoke comes out from the top of the WTC, below it, and on all sides of it.


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