Fukushima: Reactor 4 goes on fire, spreads deadly radiation to Canada

Beware,west coast and Canada.

When a reactor blows it sends tons of various radioactive isotopes and crud into the weather patterns. The Pacific currents send weather across Canada. Alaska and all the way to the east coast, besides down the west coast.

Some of the radioactive crud dies out in a few days. Some of it will be around circulating for thousands of years years. It gets into people’s mouths, lungs, wherever there’s a hole or skin pore. It may sit there for decades, burning at a microscopic level, very slowly killing people. Cancers, leukemia, bone disease, a shitload of stuff.

The infant mortality rate had a sudden spike a few months ago and is climbing. That’s what happened at Chernobyl. Chernobyl’s caused a million deaths in 25 years according to literally hundreds of studies in agreement. That was just ONE reactor and they cemented it over in a WEEK.

Fukushima’s reactors are all still bleeding steadily and have been since last March. It’s a disaster of unprecedented proportions and governments, including Obama, who’s on the Exelor payroll (look it up).

I contacted a gov’t “scientist” who said “I piss on your brother’s assessment.” That filthy bureaucrat needs the teeth slapped out of his fat face. As time went on, what my brother said proved very very true, and all the gov’t reassurances and outright lies have proved that they don’t care how many people get killed.

After the last earthquake, Reactor 4 seems to have got a fire.

Comparing it with the picture of yesterday,around the same time, the same weather condition, it is clear.

You see the fire.

Now it’s too smoky to see the fire itself.


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