Iran-Syria relations amidst NATO oil wars

Even before the Sept-11 apparent orchestrated hoax by U.S. interests and its allies, the neoconservative nuts were discussing the ways and means of so-called “containing” Islamic nations; slashing the Muslim populations; looting their resources, especially oil; constructing more churches in Muslim nations, and defaming Islam.

One major ploy they used is to divide the Sunni and Shiite by shifting the US "allegiance" between the two.

While the Arabs continue to focus on Sunni-Shii'a differences for their own destructions, America and Europe, targeting Islam, Muslim populations and resources of Islamic world, have been attempting now for years, with help from some misguided Sunni states that are told by the western terrocratic specialists that Shi'ites are the real enemy of Islam to split the Islamic world on Sunni-Shii'a lines and attack each one after another, until eventually Mecca is attacked and destroyed.

Entire western sphere of operations is meant exclusively to make Sunnis oppose Shiite and hate their very existence so that NATO could first destroy them before they go after the Sunni Arabs. However, now both Sunnis and Shiites are the victims of American fascism, consuming corpses of Muslims, in millions, killed by NATO terrorists. Both USA and Israel never miss an opportunity to seize an opportunity.

As part of the reported CIA engineered Mideast upheavals, swept aside Mubarak in Egypt's uprising, attacked Col Qaddafi and family, destabilized sovereign Libya looting its vast oil resources. That western so-called democrats are non-believers is a cause for serious concern about Islamic holy sites in Mecca and media and elsewhere.

Already, these rogues by controlling UNSC and NATO, and by misusing some Muslim nations, have destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq beyond recognition, looting their resources and killing millions of innocent Muslims; have destabilized Libya and looted its oil wealth and foreign deposits. As part of destabilization and subversion politics in Mideast, in 2007, then-U.S. Sen. Joe Biden said Washington should press hard to end Syria's "marriage of convenience with Iran."

Last year, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the appointment of an American ambassador to Syria — after a five-year absence — was part of efforts to "hopefully influence behaviour" in Assad's regime.

The “Arab Spring” uprising could accomplish what diplomats had tried to nudge along: a new leadership that's redirected toward the West and moderate Arab states. The new, fast-moving realities of the region were once applauded by Iran, which relished the fall of pro-US governments in Tunisia and Egypt and have shed no tears with the mercurial Moammar Qaddafi on the run in Libya. "

Syria changes all this for Iran," said the Washington-based analyst Schenker. "It would be a staggering blow to lose Assad." Insanity of Arab league could be gauged by the simple fact that it supported the illegal NATO attack on sovereign Libya, killing Muslims in thousands. USA remains a critical conduit to Zionist fascist regime in Mideast plotting against opposition to US imperialist designs in Mideast, while promoting Zionist, it opposes Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas government in Gaza Strip. US-Israeli terror twins are concerned that Iran protects both of these parties. USA says that Iran is in the unfamiliar role of nervous bystander in Syria — a foothold on Israel's border.

An eventual attack on Saudi Arabia to end the list of “enemies” of USA is not discussed even secretly now, fearing backlash from Arab League. This shabby, rather mischievous predicament of Washington is taken as a positive sign by Saudi Arabia to decide that there would never be any attack from NATO terror syndicate.

On the other hand, asked by USA, Saudi Arabia waging a sort of cold war with Iran, a Shiite nation. USA targets Iran to show that it s in Saudi side. At the UNSC, a European-backed and US made proposal is pressing for expanded sanctions, economic terrorism, on Syria.

The USA-Israel and Saudi Arabia axis has driven Iran to search for allies in Arab world and Syria has become a very reliable partner against US-Israeli arrogance against Arabs, especially the Palestinians.

Friendly nations Iran and Syria, ruthlessly opposed by the west, Sunni Arabs as well as the hopeless Arab League, have been the target of western fascist nations wanting to export “democracy” and invade Muslim nations in democracy uniforms.

Efforts to break Iran’s influence in Syria and isolate both Iran and Syria have been a Western policy goal for more than a decade.

Assad had been viewed as more reform-minded than his father, Hafez, who ruled for nearly three decades and died in 2000. Like US version of tough love towards Israel, Iran is pressing Assad to do what it takes to stay in power and preserve one of Iran's most important relationships in the Middle East. Syria also adds to Iran's worry about inspiration for its own internal opposition, which has been mostly dormant since the Arab revolts began in Tunisia.

Knowing well the US-Israel agenda against Iran and Syria, Iran seeks to moderate or even coax Assad to offer some kind of tension-easing dialogue or at least pull back on the attacks. The Iranian leaders are now urging him to consider talks with protesters or risk heading down a path with few escape routes.

On 29th Sept, Assad loyalists pelted the U.S. ambassador, Robert Ford, with tomatoes and then tried to storm an office where he held a secret meeting with an opposition leader, Hassan Abdul-Azim obviously to try and destabilize Syria. III Iran and Syria have formally agreed to cooperate on naval training, When the Mubarak regime collapsed in Egypt, Iran was quick to characterize the event — possibly with some justice — as signalling the decline of American/Western influence in the region. Whether that’s true or not, Mubarak’s departure constituted an unexpected and exciting opening for Iran, which immediately tested the Americans’ and the Israelis’ stomach for provocation by sending two warships through the Suez Canal.

The Iranian ships were destined for Syria, with which Iran is swiftly consolidating its military relationship. It was the first time Iranian warships had passed through the Canal since the Iranian Revolution in 1979.

The second point, which got far less attention, is this: the transit marked the first time Iranian warships had ever been granted permission to dock at Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia.

The warships were sent to Syria as much apparently to clean the mess at the nuclear sites there as a warning to Israeli misadventurism in Mediterranean sea.

In upgrading its engagement of Mideast, Iran has also rushed in to build new infrastructure in the Sinai to enable more efficient arms transfers to Palestine to secure that nation and people. Recently, Russian DM Anatoly Serdyukov said that Russia has decided to fulfill a contractual obligation to complete the transfer of cruise missiles to Syria, despite two years of entreaties by the Israelis not to do so.

The weapons in question are surface-to-air rocket units armed with P-800, or Yakhont, missiles capable of hitting ships 300 kilometres off Syria’s coast. USA known for its imperial meddling was obviously annoyed. The White House is not oblivious to them but only maintaining a shrewd and tactical silence.

The presidents of Iran and Syria stood side by side in Damascus recently in a blunt message to the so-called Arab Spring: Syria can always count on its allies in Tehran. They have a decades-old strategic alliance.

Earlier this month, Iran’s president Ahmadinejad said "there should be talks" between Assad and the opposition. "A military solution is never the right solution." He has offered to host a regional meeting of Islamic nations to seek resolutions to the Syrian crisis. Assad himself does not want to further precipitate the crisis indoors but USA is misusing the opposition to press ahead with their destabilization efforts for which CIA offers support. He appears to be following his own rules in trying to ride out a mass revolt that has now spread into the security forces.

Government troops have waged relentless crackdowns on US backed opposition protesters. CIA reports that Syrian troops continued their offensive in the opposition hotbed of Rastan in central Syria. At the end of the day, Iran's voice could resonate the loudest in West Asia and beyond.

In general, Iran is less isolated than Israel or USA now than it was a few years ago and is a potential regional gainer as a result of the Arab awakening. An Observation Not only capitalism, extra profits rampant corruption, crimes, invasions, genocides, occupations are the fundamentals of colonial-imperialism, but more importantly, the global humanity movements like socialism and communism, Islam are the target of these anti-humanity western terrocracies.

Upon fixing their secret agenda in Islamic world though the Sept-11 hoax, USA had well in advance prepared the Fascist global media (FGM), controlled by CIA an Interpol, to promote NATO terror wars for the onward onslaught of Muslims and insult for Islam and now these fanatic media targeting Islam are being manipulated to pursue the US energy-arms agenda in Mideast.

Every writer who supports Islam or Muslims or opposes NATO terrorism in Islamic world is being targeted by pressing the media not to publish their humanitarian views that would upset the realization of CIA hidden agendas.

The owners of corporate media simply do not let any pro-Islamic or pro-Arab - let alone anti-western joint neo-colonialist trends - to use the media space to articulate their opinions in favour of shivering humanity or Muslims. This has created a media terror atmosphere where people choosing journalism as their profession now, unfortunately, have no options but to tow the CIA-Interpol lines to project Islam as a religion of terrorists in contrast with Christianity as a religion of peace and extra tolerance. Do the Western terrocracies love Sunnis?

Why then they refuse to admit Turkey into EU? Why do they ban Islamic practices in their countries?

Americans and their proxies just want to destabilize Mideast in a sustained manner by various gimmicks, they would tough sell its terror goods and liquor polices in Mideast through Libya and elsewhere under the current crackdowns and international backlash. Unilateral imperialist power USA, imposing authoritarianism in Mideast through puppet regimes, perhaps could claim that they have successfully implanted democracy in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya.

Authoritarian Americans rule Afghanistan, Iraq and governs Pakistan and many other Muslim nations by posting puppets there. And it is telling USA that it can't rely only on media fiction, military force and Interpol/CIA intimidation Tremendous destructive and coercive power of USA is too big for any small nation like Syria to comprehend its poisonous tentacles percolating the ranks and files of Islamic organizations. Neighbouring Turkey, pushed by USA, meanwhile, has imposed an arms embargo on Syria and has hosted anti-Assad opposition figures.

Arab League led by Saudi Arabia still is under the illusion that USA wound defend Islam and the holy sites inside the kingdom and elsewhere. West has created a fictitious impression in Sunni world, even after the NATO killed the Iraqi President the leader of pan Arabism and placed a Shiite establishment to kill each other, that they are on the Sunni side. There's currently no change in Syria-Iran relations or Iran's support for the Syrian government.

There is speculation in Washington that Iran would risk the international fallout and send large-scale military forces to aid Assad, although Iran has boosted its cadre of security advisers and other envoys in Damascus. Iran is trying to convey the message that Assad is capable of carrying out reforms. Assad, a British-trained eye doctor, still has powerful friends such as Russia and China. Yet there could be a limit to how much they would jeopardize their political credibility — and deep business interests — among the rest of the Arab world that has largely abandoned him on US pressure tactics. Iran's calls for peace efforts in Syria are firm attempts to somehow convince Arabs that Tehran is on the right side of reform, although USA calls it “cynical”. The Neocon nuts claim that if Assad falls, it might even lead the reform movement in Iran to conclude that its government was vulnerable, too.

Any concessions by Syrian leader Assad could open the way for eventual deep Islamic reforms in Syria. But Iran would gladly take a weakened Assad over the uncertainties under a new Syrian leadership, which would likely put Assad's Iranian-oriented Alawite minority into a political deep freeze.

Alternatively, Assad could appoint a strong but reliable Sunni leader to his post for the time being who would never surrender sovereignty to Washington to take over power from him in due course. This step could appease Saudi Arabia led Arab League and other US proxy Muslim states that want all Muslim nations to be ruled by Sunni leaders or by America as happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, or being attempted in sovereign Libya. Saudi's continued support for the US client Sunni regime in Shiite Bahrain suppressing mass pretests there shows how wicked the Arabs are! Operating on a faulty diplomatic ladder, USA has clearly failed to use coercive diplomacy to force Turkey against Libya, Iran against Syria. That is really a consolation for the world. But that does not mean USA would give up its dirty tricks for ever. Clearly, these western Christian rogues view Muslims as fools and Sunni as the easy target. They harp on Iranian theocracy but which does not and cannot threaten any other nation. Syria’s apparent decision to formalize its relationship with Iran cannot be a threat to Islam or West.

The strategic consolidation of NATO terror syndicate and its eastern allies currently in progress will almost without question eventually turn to aggression against entire Arab world and Islam. The total silence emanating from the Arab League in the face of developments that are threatening both to genuine interests of Islamic world and to Islamic ideals enshrined in Holy Qur'an doesn’t inspire much confidence. Muslim nations must practice Islamic values and not western culture.

The Islamic world, if still refuses to joint hinds against impending disaster from the most powerful NATO terror syndicate, will need to be prepared for a much bolder US-UK led western imperialist strategy in future. Whether or not that would be a total catastrophe for Muslims in particular and humanity at large - only the future will tell! -------- د. عبد راف

About the writer:

Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism; Educationalist;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism" Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA & other anti-Islamic agencies. Former university Teacher. His website is:


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