Occupy Wall Street: Fukushima linked to Circus of Corruption

It’s a revolving door between regulators and industry. “Stakeholders” sit behind closed doors with bureaucrats writing the laws and the regulations. Then they self-test and self-report, often on a voluntary basis. They lobby and buy our representatives in government who subsidize their industries with taxpayer dollars for the “economy” and “jobs”. They manipulate the mainstream media (perception management) with onslaughts of opinion pieces based on junk science which has been bought and paid for.

They can afford to do this because they have virtually all the money. And they justify it all as being in the public interest.

he costs to our global ecosystem is incalculable. The cost to us, as humans, is all too clear. From unsafe vaccines and over-medicated populations, to chemically fertilized and GMO-laden processed foods and medicated meat products, from the loss of local, small mixed farms to ocean-based fish farms at the cost of wild stocks, from smart grids/smart meters to confabulated “energy security” schemes, from pipelines and tankers to decimated watersheds and forests, from global financial collapse to Fukushima.

The tail wags the dog. Our natural wealth is liquidified into money that “isn’t worth the paper it is not printed on”

It is no wonder populations around the world in movements like 'Occupy Wall Street', are in the streets as more and more death and suffering surrounds us in that process of transformation.

Internet site reference: http://www.pacificfreepress.com/news/1/9858-nelles-fukushima-meltdown-update-oct-3-2011.html


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