Indian sheds colonialism, then becomes colonizer

India- a Contemporary Colonizer (Part-4)

The key objective of India, deliberating dragging its mischievous feet from Jammu Kashmir which it brutally occupies to literally every region, beyond South Asia where it is the strongest military power today, is, like Nazi Germany before the WW-II tried and the USA trying afresh that now, to emerge as a big colonial power to control the world, share the global resources along with western terrocracies, and dehumanize humanity as a result of terror wars.  Under the pretext of purchasing the weapons India tries, in an effort to appease USA to only be seen as an equal and important world power.

Post-Sept-11 terror scenario helped all anti-Islamic nations from USA, Israel to India to use terror ploys to advance their hidden projects. New Delhi makes it loud to showcase its newly acquired US link and occupy every region with its help including East Asia and China's sea space with military equipments. Since it tries to bully China by crossing into the South China Sea, USA and EU are expected to offer their services to Indian onslaught operations, in exchange for Indian help for the NATO in Afghanistan and Pakistan or on weak nations in Africa.

However, Indian strategists know all UNSC rogues are playing, jointly and individually, international terror politics where Indian role is very meager of extending assistance occasionally with minor terror attacks.  

India believes possession of heavily arms reseals, external military bases, foreign colonies and nukes determine the status of each nation and hence makes all efforts to silence Kashmiris fighting for sovereignty and keeps stepping up terror operations, including fake encounters in occupied JK.

In order to showcase its foreign assets acquitted through manipulators so as to claim a veto on notorious UNSC, India promotes foreign assets by Hindus, more in weak nations of Asia and Africa.  

After the seemingly tremendous success in occupying Jammu Kashmir and killing Muslims by keeping a puppet regime there, Indian leaders have embarked upon invading other nations like in Africa.  While USA invades Islamic nations for ensuring energy security and route control, Indians without any military forces conque4rr foreign estate spaces for economic reasons.

Exploiting the lawless nature of governance by the corrupt regimes Indians are reportedly acquiring resources in Africa and exploit the locals.

Tremendous success in grabbing of Kashmiri lands by the occupation forces on a regular basis, India has also begun the trend in other nations, especially the weak ones. The trend of land grabbing by Indian investors in Africa has been exceedingly unceasing. Land grabbing is similar to twentieth century colonialism and as a former British colony, India has a responsibility to start a conversation about development that is not just about profiteering or corporations.

Victims of prolonged foreign occupations, African nations are too weak to protest against foreign colonial expansionism. It is opportunistic to move in quickly to a country in Africa where one does not have to follow a lot of regulations and have a regime that is not too concerned by the absence of regulations to protect its people and the environment. With the civil society almost missing and dissent criminalized, the Ethiopian government can carry out its land lease project, ignoring human rights violations. No dissent is allowed. USA does do not criticize dictatorial authoritarianism in African regimes. It doesn’t tolerate any opposition, especially political. 30,000 people were arrested during the last elections. NGOs are afraid to operate; they have had to shut down. The land that these Indian companies are being given has been forcefully taken away from indigenous communities and deals are struck with these firms in secrecy and without consultation of the local impacted communities.

World is perhaps unaware or just ignores the facts about Indian oversees maneuverings. Today there have been so many Indian investors heading to acquire land in Ethiopia. UN is least bothered about the problems caused by the acquisition of land by foreign firms, including Indian ones, in Ethiopia and other African countries. Putting this global trend of ‘land grab’ under the spotlight, the report highlights the social and environmental costs of this phenomenon that have been largely overlooked by the media. India ought to share part of the blame of causing “deprivation and destitution” in Ethiopia.  The same kind of rush is there with Indians trying to secure deals in South Sudan that involve oil-petroleum deals and agro-forestry projects. The Madhvani Group, which is owned by Indians from Uganda, is trying to set up a sugar plantation in a national park. But these firms will not have it so easy in South Sudan as in Ethiopia because the president is under immense pressure to ensure transparency on land deals.

Of course, it is mainly the Ethiopian and other governments responsible for the wrongdoing being done by India and others. However, Indians in India and abroad are certainly responsible and guilty. As a nation that takes pride in morality and non-violence, India’s investment policies must focus on development for all and in no harm to anyone. India must set new standards and not illegal rules. . Instead the Indian firms are using the Ethiopian government to the dirty work. It’s like the British government trying to argue that colonialism in India was not its doing but that of the East India Company and a few rogue generals like Dwyer.

The indigenous people in Ethiopia and elsewhere in Africa remain slaves, but now of their own people. In Ethiopia, people do not have the right to land. So pastoralists who have lived on land for centuries can be considered as squatters overnight by the government and chased away as if they never existed and should not exist. It is awful and treacherous that the Indian government turning a blind eye to the problems in Ethiopia. As a country once colonized, it’s our responsibility to start a conversation about development that is not just about profiteering or corporations. It’s not that we are singling out India.

Indians thriving abroad now are trying to leave behind a legacy of colonizer. Indians are taking up land that belongs to indigenous people, violating the rights of the nature and her people. It is appalling that India, once colonized, has turned into a colonizer. Ethnic indigenous communities are being hunted down like animals to clear land for Indian firms and businesses. India is behind the government of Ethiopia that is unleashing this kind of terror.

For India its colonial effort is a struggle for resources by hook or crook. It has been a big rush for land grab in Africa, including Ethiopia. The actors are diverse—from known personalities such as the reputable American universities investing in private equity and hedge funds to unknown entities entering the field of agriculture. There are Chinese and Saudi investors, American universities who are buying up land as investment. India takes advantage of all these. UNSC must oppose the repressive conditions in Ethiopia, where the government tolerates no dissent, especially political. Journalists and researchers have had a hard time digging up details.

African leaders are among the worst corrupt people on earth and India and other nations exploit them to their own advantages, while attacking and killing leaders like President Col. Qaddafi for trying to protect the nation, oil resources and other wealth for the people. USA invades such nations like Libya and loots their oil. UNSC and governments in Europe and USA and elsewhere around the world deliberately choose to be blind about exploitation and colonization trends in weak nations perpetrated by outsiders in alliance with local regimes.

A greedy fox, India, like USA, looks around for colonial operations for assets and its occupation of UNSC purely on temporary basis has been fully utilized for the purpose with some results and Indian strategists now seek a permanent place on the UNSC to replace UK to further advance its illegal objectives by immoral means.


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