Indo-UK Cricketism: India is Guilty of sport crimes

The cricket monkeys from England are the chief guests of their Indian sponsors at Diwali festivities as par t of their India tour and they celebrated the cocktail celebration after the end of 5 ODIs fixed in favour of India. Indian foreign and sports ministries can claim a clean seep victory for their joint diplomacy just like the NATO joint terror operations in Islamic world, consuming the corpses of murdered Muslims and drinking the blood oozing out of the dead bodies of the fallen Islamic heroes defending their nations from fascist attacks of western criminals.

India plans every thing in advance, keeping in view the important Hindu dates. So, India had planned well in advance to celebrate Diwali by somehow winning the ODI series and the Cameron boys have supported the Indian cause of cricketism to showcase their power to sustain the illegal occupation of Jammu Kashmir by brute force with draconian laws to the state terrorism lawful. . .

After having cornered the ODIs 5-0, now India would like English terror ally to let India get back its Test bogus ranking as well but it remains to be seen if the English boys world be kind enough to appease Indian crazy guys by losing even the Test series. Later, Cameron's England should also let India defeat the so-called world champions in T20 as well. But then it all depends on the "package deals" India and the UK have agreed upon. Since the secrecy is kept heavily guaranteed by both terror twins, only the fixers and the ICC would have the full knowledge of the 'fixing" details.

After all, UK is a special “adverser” to Indian state terror operatives in occupied Jammu Kashmir.

England, as it gets slowly revealed now in India, is an ordinary team at par with all other mediocre ones thriving by mutual agreements and appeasements. In fact England was a weak team a couple of years ago, but it with the, possibly paid, assistance, got the assistance of its former colonies like Australia, Bangladesh, South Africa and some other African nations that still worship the white bosses and of course India to look larger than original size and even reached the top occupying almost all formats of cricket. In fact, further, India while in England, magnified the profile of England team to 100 percent and beyond any doubt.

The practice of give and take policy of cricketism in 100 plus/50 plus/200 plus, etc, is as old as the history of cricket invented by the British rulers for their colony servants in now known as the Commonwealth. Each team chooses its favorites in rotation to offer special runs for special purposes. That is not considered by ICC as "fixing".

After the retirement of R. Dravid, who had been one of the most favourites of England for offering big scores, the English boys seem to have opted, rather adopted Indian skipper Dhoni for special rewards in quick runs. English monkeys offer too many runs to him after removing all other "fantastic" Indian batboys easily.

What is the secret about this mysterious liking of Indian skipper by the English knotties? Is it because he is also the skipper of Chenni team that lost in the recent CT20 or a top cricketer of IPL who might have some say some say in the selection of foreign cricketers for IPL to play for Indian corporate black money holders?

England cruelty offered a doctorate in Law for Indian skipper Dhoni for letting an English batman get one more run. So much of worth for a doctorate in Law in western terrocracies!

In fact English team that not long ago thrashed Indians in England to zero and claimed the top ranking in all possible formats now in India tries to show or shows up its real hollowness. It appears either India played for England in their country or England is as bad as India or Australia or South Africa or Zimbabwe or Bangladesh or Pakistan but ONLY by match-fixings each team agrees fro 100 PLUS/50 PLUS OR even 200 PLUS/300 PLUS etc, generally shared by skippers, unless some particular cricketers need the "records" for some rewards or awards from the terrocratic regimes.

Why the England team has some Indians (Hindus) as well? Does it mean they are short of cricketers and have to import Indians to play for England? India does not include any foreigners in its team- except in IPL or CT20 to boost Indian fake image.

Indians in foreign teams play for India when match is fixed with India. Will the Indian cricketers in UK team play for mother India or father UK?

Why English boys offer too many runs towards the end knowing well that India would not bowl leniently towards England. Is it not a match-fixing? If it is not, what else?

Are Pakistani cricketers involved or engaged in these Indo-England official match-fixings? How much money they were paid by UK and India?

The ICC must answer these few questions in consultation with India so that innocent looking Indians are not punished.

There are some more serious questions too, but they would be posed once answers for these questions are made by the ICC.

Meanwhile ICC must investigate the match-fixings by the teams, countries, mafias, corporate sponsors, etc.

But there is no need for any panic because the “corporates” would not easily let the cricketers down and the match-fixing cannot be stopped by the regimes themselves because they are also directly involved though outwardly every thing looks private.

All are international frauds and gangs but supported by the elected regimes.

World today is full of mafias and state gangs. NATO gangs, UNSC gangs, nuclearism gangs, oil gang, arms gang, liquor gangs, cricketism gangs.

The list is endless!

Indian crimes are also endless!

In IPL and CT20 India gets all other junior teams of "commonwealth" to play for India, making further mockery of cricketism..

India promotes fraudulent cricket and fixes the series as much as it could. Once India is effectively contained, perhaps, there could be some hopes of normal cricketism. It is time Indian attempts to link cricketism with terrorism are curtailed. Unless India is punished for the secret package with other nations, thanks to its control over ICC, cricket would lose even the very little stuff it has.

About the writer:

Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism; Educationalist; Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst; Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism" Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA & other anti-Islamic agencies. Former university Teacher. Website:


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