EU incarnates Nazi Germany through Geopolitics

Geopolitics...Geo - Politics. Politics which are based on geography. The forms of such politics can be of all sorts, from cultural to military, from economic to diplomatic from soft to coercive. Whatever those may be, there is always one factor which remains constant and that is Geography. Since geography never really changes, so do the politics that are based on this undeniable reality.

Let's have a look at a striking example...What would you say if I told you that from a geopolitical perspective, Nazi Germany and today's Germany are practically the same? It might sound outrageous, or even offensive to say such things but its true and we shall see why.

One of the main objectives of the Nazi agenda was the acquisition of more "Lebensraum"-"Living Space". In simple terms, the Nazis wanted to control more land, which was seen as vital for the survival and growth of Germany. The means to achieve that end where purely military and coercive, no doubt about that, however the essence of that was that they wanted greater control of their surrounding areas.

What about modern Germany? Do they pursue more "Lebensraum"? In fact yes, though they never used that word. The European Communities and currently the E.U. and the Euro, have given the chance to Germany of increasing its control over its surrounding areas. Thus in short, we can safely say that European integration, is among many others, a way for Germany to acquire more "Lebensraum".

The EU could be viewed to be a “politically correct” version of Nazi Germany. Through NATO military expansionism in the Middle East that is responsible for more than one millions civilians deaths, the EU is showing is apparent true “Nazi colours”.

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