Ideology not nukes drives Iran War ambitions

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A worsening economic crisis; three disastrous wars that have killed millions of people and cost trillions of dollars stolen from essential programs for OIL, OIL, OIL and the U.S. corporate drive for markets, profit and empire – this is why the U.S. government has FALSELY accused the Iranian government of sponsoring a terrorist plot in the United States. 

Washington’s campaign against Iran for an alleged assassination plot lacks evidence and fails every test of logic The U.S government is making unbelievable, far-tetched allegations that somehow the Iranian government was involved in a bizarre plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador in Washington.  Anyone capable of independent thought has raised questions as to its truth. So why is the U.S. government desperate to use an unbelievable pretext to begin a campaign of sanctions and possible war against Iran?

The accusation comes as militant mass actions spurred by austerity and mass suffering at the hands of corporate greed are literally sweeping the globe. The Occupy Wall Street movement has captured peoples' imagination everywhere. Within the U.S. over 110 ongoing occupations and 1,454 support actions have been reported, while mass uprisings are continuing across the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America.

The wild and fabricated charge against Iran has been rolled out in an all too familiar pattern which was used to hype the wars against IraqAfghanistan, and Libya: unfounded charges with no evidence, high level leaks, scripted quotes about threats to national security from top officials, calls for stricter sanctions, and military retaliation. All is repeated by a frenzied, coordinated media (big business corporate media tied to the military) campaign. The point is to set the stage in the minds of millions of people who are now rising up in righteous anger against the Wall Street banks and the U.S. Government that their enemy is somewhere else, rather than in America itself. 

In the above video, the late-William Cooper, who was a former U.S. Naval Officer discusses the ideology which drives America's elites to make fabrications to legitimate the spread of Wars in the Middle East.

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