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U.S. University linked to Illegal Human Experiments says Doctor

(NaturalNews) -- Dr. Nalini M. Rajamanna, a cardiologist, was only trying to protect her patients and others from being unknowingly used as human guinea pigs. But officials at Northwestern University (NU) in Illinois where she worked instead sided with a corrupt doctor that was, and likely still is, perpetrating secret medical experimentation on patients.

Dr. Rajamanna caught Dr. Patrick McCarthy, who still works at NU, secretly installing his own medical device inventions into patients in order to test them. Neither of the two devices -- an IMR annuloplasty device and a Myxo annuloplasty device made by Edwards Lifesciences -- has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and none of the patients who received them were aware of the situation.

But Antonitsa Vlahoulis, a patient of Dr. Rajamanna, unknowingly let the cat out of the bag when she had to return for a second surgery less than a year after having secretly received a Myxo annuloplasty device. Dr. Rajamanna noticed that Vlahoulis pre-op brochure listed a different device than the Myxo, which prompted her to begin asking questions.

According to Vlahoulis, Dr. McCarthy had explained prior to her initial surgery that she had a severe Mitral valve prolapse, and would need a replacement valve. But he failed to tell her that the one he planned to implant was his own invention, and was not approved for use by the FDA. Dr. McCarthy also did not have Vlahoulis sign an informed consent acknowledging that the surgery would be experimental.

The Myxo device ended up causing stenosis, a narrowing of blood vessels, which led to the need for Vlahoulis' tricuspid valve to be repaired. She also reportedly now has a permanent pacemaker, and suffers from shortness of breath and various heart problems.

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