Fukushima Day 248: 90,000 U.S. citizens could have been evacuated

The US government was considering the plan to evacuate all 90,000 US citizens living in Tokyo right after the Fukushima I Nuclear power Plant accident, according to a new book [...] written by Kevin Maher, former Japan Desk director at the US State Department. [...]

The subject of evacuating the US citizens was raised in the early hours on March 16 (local time). The US had already knew about the unusually high temperature of the reactors from the Global Hawk data, and determined that “the fuel has already melted”. [...] The US high-ranking officials wanted to evacuate the US citizens (from Tokyo) but the local officials including reportedly Maher objected.

The above citation is from Yomiuri Shinbun [Translation] (10:30PM JST 8/17/2011):

Internet stie reference: http://enenews.com/book-govt-considering-plan-evacuate-all-90000-citizens-living-tokyo-knew-fuel-melted-early-global-hawk-data

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