Vision Egypt: Help spread further social awareness

The Canadian invites Egyptians to submit editorial commentaries on vital prevailing social, cultural, political, and economic issues going on in Egypt. Editorial commentaries should be well written, evocative, and 200 - 800 words in length.

Talk about Egypt in your own words.

Watch the video below. In the meantime, would you like to advertise in The Canadian National Newspaper? Help support our grassroots movement for socially progressive and independent journalism. Become a socially conscience advertiser or sponsor.

Do you seek to help spread further social awareness? We also welcome the submission of well written articles and editorials.

The Canadian is a socially progressive and not-for-profit national newspaper, with an international readership. We provide an alternative to the for-profit commercial focused media, which often censors vital information and perspective of potential interest to the diverse Canadian public, and other peoples internationally.

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