Indo-US Objective: Destabilization of Pakistan-1

US-India terror twins operating in full coordination on South Asian soil, have achieved their apparent major joint objectives in the region: destabilization of Pakistan along with Afghanistan. The regime in Islamabad has been rendered significantly weak with people losing all trust in the ability of rulers, and leaders, in leading the nation to prosperity and peace. As US puppets, Pakistani leaders in domains have mortgaged the sovereignty of Pakistan to western terrorises which operate under the NATO terror syndicate.

Since they pursue secret agenda against Muslims on the fake Sept-11 hoax, loss of Pakistan permanently would undermine all strategies of USA and NATO. Pakistan could reveal all secret deals, derailing all hidden agendas of CIA and Mossad.

American strategists expect the corrupt Pakistani leaders to quickly fall back on USA an resume joint terror operations against Muslims, as, they argue, Pakistan, become so spineless over years of US manipulations, has no other credible option but to promote US imperialism.

USA is eager to repair the strains in the bilateral terror ties against Islam and Muslims and trying all possible levers to somehow make the Pakistani leaders continue to support NATO terrorism on Pakistani soil. Worse, they are damn sure the Pakistani leaders and media nuts would eventually play the US fiddle so loudly, naively thinking that the sound would annoy New Delhi’s petrified nuts.

So long as Islamabad depends on blood-stained US dollars, there is no hope for survival of Pakistan as a sovereign nation.



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