Detroit - Makes Buffalo look like Beverley Hills

I really don’t like knocking people when they’re down, but that’s really the only way I’ll ever win a fight, so Detroit, I’m sorry but Detroit is so ugly it makes Buffalo look like Beverly Hills.

At the turn of the 20th century, Detroit was a boom town. Sparked by Henry Ford’s transformative invention, Detroit flourished from it’s skilled labor, advanced infrastructure, well-paying jobs and wanted consumer goods.

At one point, Detroit was the fourth largest city in the US and home to just under 2 million people. However, when business leaders discovered that Chinese 8 year olds can do the same amount of work as $80/hour union workers, while requiring 50% less sunlight, Detroit became ground zero for the globalization wave.

According to the 2010 census, Detroit’s population declined 25 percent in the last decade—the largest percentage decline of any US city-—bringing the total population down to just over 700,000. This steady decline in the city’s population has left much of the city deserted and abandoned.

Detroit is in such bad shape that the City Council decided its best chances at gentrification is an influx of degenarate gamblers.  In fact, if you’re in Detroit, and you have a couple extra bucks, I know a guy that can get you a couple city blocks. With an unemployment rate of 13 percent, it should come as no surprise that Detroit has a violent crime rate of nearly 20 reported crimes per 1000 people.

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