Ban Vitamins, Weaponize Food says U.S. Congress through the UN's Codex Alimentarius

The “Draft Guidance for Industry: Dietary Supplements: New Dietary Ingredient Notifications and Related Issues” has been scheduled to go into effect December 31, 2011.

According to several experts, the FDA document, introduced in stealth over the July 4, 2011 weekend, and masked with deceptive language, is the tool for the roll-out of the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS in the U.S., the New World Order plan to weaponize food and support a NWO plan to populate between 1/3-2/3 of the Earth’s population or more by various stealth means, including the weaponization of food.

One expert states, “We have reviewed the very complicated new regulations in detail. In the hands of an agency charged with regulating supplements fairly—one not hostile to supplements the way FDA is—they might be made to work. But in the hands of the FDA, which wants everything, supplements and drugs alike, to go through the vastly expensive new drug approval process, we fear the new rules will be used to forbid the development or sale of any new supplements—where “new” means anything after 1994, when DSHEA was passed.

“Please note that many important supplements sold today were developed after 1994. Others the FDA will say were developed after 1994, even though they are just variants of what was “grandfathered” by DSHEA. For example, the FDA has already banned a critical form of vitamin B6, pyridoxamine, because that particular form of B6 couldn’t be shown to have been sold prior to 1994, even though B6 in general was certainly sold prior to 1994.” 

Prescriptions for vitamins?

One result of the new FDA stealth adoption of the CODEX ALIMENTARIS may be that a doctor’s prescription will be necessary for vitamins.

One expert source states, “Drug companies can exploit this process by trying to patent common dietary ingredients as drugs before supplement companies have an opportunity to submit their NDI notifications. Once a drug company investigates an ingredient for drug purposes and publishes their findings, the ingredient can no longer be used in supplements. This has happened before—it happened with the pyridoxamine form of vitamin B6 we mentioned above. In other words, what was once a supplement available to consumers at low cost will now be an expensive prescription-only drug, if it is available at all. (And it’s not only the drug that costs more: you’ll need to pay your doctor for an office visit just to get the prescription!)

“The draft guidance also states that a synthetic copy of a supplement constituent, or an extract of an herb or other botanical, is not considered a dietary ingredient at all (much less an NDI). Isn’t this good—isn’t it better not to be an NDI? No. If the FDA says it is not an NDI, that means they are saying it can only be sold as a drug—period. This could knock out a number of important supplements currently sold.

“The guidance discusses at length the evidence required for a notification (approval)—and the requirements are extensive, including a strong recommendation to include human studies. We sometimes forget that human studies, in addition to being very costly, do not always fit supplements.”


Expert Chantal Bocaccio says, “If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the 3 Billion – that’s BILLION, with a “B” – people projected to die of curable diseases in the first few years of implementation. At the risk of spoiling the ending, the plot, so to speak, goes as follows:

“Codex Alimentarius (Latin for “Food Code”) is a dark marriage between pharmaceutical and chemical industries and the WTO, conceived to exact complete and regimented control over all food products and nutrients worldwide. Codex is a complex, global, inter-governmental program, written by Big Pharma / Chema, policed by the UN, and consisting of 176 member nations, the United States among them. 

“Codex Alimentarius was enacted in 1963 by the joint Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO) Food Standards Program of the UN. Conceived as a trade commission, its original objective was “protecting the health of consumers and ensuring fair practices in international food trade.” While its initial intentions may have been altruistic, the practical applications attest that altruism has a brief shelf life, now that all Global Food Standards will be decided by the pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical and biotechnology industries that are at the helm.

“From farm to fork, companies like Monsanto and Baxter will have complete authority over our food supply in an all-out Global Assault on Health.

“According to Dr. Paul Anthony Taylor "all member nations of Codex Alimentarius must abide by the draconian food laws dictated by this organization, or suffer severe economic penalties. Since Codex Alimentarius is backed by trade sanctions of the World Trade Organization (WTO), any non Codex-compliant nation will automatically lose in any food-trade dispute with a Codex compliant country." Bottom line: their terrifying Food Laws, prioritized by the economic concerns of Big Pharma, are about to become our nutritional nightmare. To further infect the corpse of health, Codex Alimentarius operates on Napoleonic Law, as opposed to Common Law. Common Law dictates that if it isn’t illegal, it’s legal. Napoleonic Law dictates that if it isn’t listed as legal, it’s illegal. In other words, anything that isn’t specifically sanctioned by Codex Alimentarius is illegal.

“So what’s on the menu? Let’s start with what’s not on the menu, beginning with nutrients. Under the Napoleonic laws of Codex Alimentarius, nutrients are classified as toxins, and have no place in Health. You read that correctly. Over 350 vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements will be Illegal. BANNED. NOT AVAILABLE ON THIS CONTINENT. What will be left of the few allowable vitamins will only be available in extremely low doses. The dosages will be WELL BELOW therapeutic levels (i.e. .05 mg rather than 100 mg), and will be available only by prescription, since they’ll now be classified as a Drug. A prescription for a bottle of Vitamin C is expected to run as high as $150.”


Chantal Bocaccio continues, “In Canada, Bill C-51, which will HARMonize with Codex, has been written by the same Big Pharma companies and represents the same pharmaceutical plan to take over nutrients. C-51 goes so far as to redefine "sell" to mean "distributing to one, two or more people even without consideration," making sharing, giving or donating a "sale."  

“Giving chamomile to your child can now be re-defined as selling a controlled substance to a minor. Indoor or private home gardens - illegal. Under Codex, growing herbs becomes a crime, and anyone caught doing so can be charged as a drug dealer.  The penalties in Bill C-51 can be as high as 5 million dollars and 2 years in prison for producing, taking or "selling" vitamin C.”

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