Fukushima to Afghanistan: U.S. and Global elites weaponize radiaton


Why does the U.S. and NATO continue to ignore the Fukushima crisis.  It appears that the U.S. and NATO ignore Fukushima for the same reason that the U.S. and NATO used radioative DU weapons throughout the Middle East, and other parts of the world.

Archons appear to be using radiation as a weapon against humanity.  Watch the video below.

Afghan activist has revealed that the United States is still using horrific depleted uranium ammunitions in Afghanistan, Press TV reports.

"These weapons are still used. In fact, a US aircraft called A-10 warthog, normally, even if it doesn't use a uranium projectile in the machine gun, every third projectile is a uranium projectile and that's the working horse of the US army in Afghanistan. They use it left and right," Dr. Mohammad Daud Miraki said in an interview with Press TV.

"Apache helicopters and Bradley vehicles also utilize these projectiles in these weapons," he added.

The activist also noted that 62.7 percent of the population of Afghanistan has been targeted by the dangerous radioactive ammunitions.

Miraki explained that a group of researchers collected urine samples of people in Afghanistan and found uranium isotopes in the urine, which was about 300 percent to 2000 percent higher than normal level.

He further said that a lot of people in Afghanistan were identified with various bizarre diseases in different Pashtun-dominated villages.

The diseases were skin lesions, sudden deaths, spontaneous abortions among females, as well as deformities and multiple cancers.

The author also said the United States used depleted uranium weapons that is against international and US laws.

Meanwhile, Miraki criticized US officials and Afghan President Hamid Karzai for not investigating the crimes committed by the US administration.

"We forwarded [our] reports to the US three years ago to the State Department and from US officials we have gotten only lip service unfortunately. But the Afghan government equally, since it has no control, it's an installed regime," he said.

The Afghan activist also warned that as long as the earth exists the Afghan people will be dying from the disaster because uranium 238 has a half-life of 4.5 billion years.

"If you look at Afghanistan as well as in Iraq as well as in Yugoslavia you find that wherever these weapons were used you find graveyards of people dying from cancer and other unusual diseases," Miraki concluded.



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