Fukushima gets worse, spreads radioactive waste


The Fukushima Crsis gets worse and worse while the archons purpetrators among global elites do nothing.

The time for some type of "emtombment" has apparently long passed, as the fuel is now estimated to be 30-40 feet below the plant from researchers at Kyoto University. Everything TEPCO has tried to do to decrease the temp in reactor 2 in the past few days, including injecting boron to stop fission and dumping tons of water on the reactors is having no effect. Recent news coming out of the Fukushima plant and surrounding areas such as Xe detection and cesium levels, indicate the situation may be deteriorating quickly. Be prepared for possible out-of-control fission and subsequent large release of high radiation which will be carried directly from Japan to the west coast of the US and Canada.


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