Uganda: Minister advises against anti-gays law


Uganda's minister of justice, Kahinda Otafiire has said he sees nothing wrong with homosexuality as long as those engaged in it do it privacy and do not involve children.

He advised members of parliament and government in general to be very careful as they deal with the anti -homosexuality bill. He said he was against hastily passing of the Anti-homosexuality bill.

Otafiire warned: “If the bill is hastily passed, it would lead into an enforcement problem.”

He said he had no problem with homosexuals. He said, “I do not think as a government we should be interested when people do their private things. The law if passed will be difficult to enforce.”

He said that before those involved in homosexuality are convicted, a witness has to adduce evidence. He wondered how police would acquire sufficient evidence to convict suspects?

“How will police enforce that law? Is police going to break doors,” he said.

He advised government to slow its pace on discussing and enacting a law against Homosexuality saying that this will be a challenge to implement it.

Otafire who was speaking in relation to Human rights said government should not get much into peoples’ relationships because it can fail to avail proof if it’s needed in court.

Otafiire said since these people have their relationship in their homes with out interrupting the others, it should be only God to judge them.

He emphasized that though he is not in support of what homosexuals are engaged in, they should not recruit the young generation into such acts.

The controversial anti- homosexual bill was last week re-tabled to parliament. It will soon be debated and probably passed.

He said that gays can co-exist with other people. He said: “I do not like gays and they do not like me, but we can co-exist.”


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