We Must Begin to Pursue the Requirements for our Human Evolution if Normal Humans are to Survive

Members of the human family are now primarily living in societies which are operating under a (calculated) recipe for our human destruction.  That is because people have been brainwashed to focus on generating financial gain (in this life), and to also focus on the emphases on living in an after-life, that organized religions promote. It is therefore time that we begin to develop the understanding which will enable us to focus on survival, as a bonding with each other and with our natural environment, that our built-in sentience has on offer to us.

By means of the joint (and co-supportive) usage of the doctrines of capitalism and organized religions, the members of the human family have been brainwashed into operating our lives under the guidance of a false matrix of reality. There, we are led to go about our existence by falsely perceiving ourselves as individuals, rather than as heirs to a potential communion.

As a result, of this matrix of false perception into which normal humans have been brainwashed (with the use of those doctrines of capitalism and organized religions), we have been led to living out our lives in an ego-centred existence. There we rank the outcomes from our efforts, in terms of the net quantity of financial results which we are able to secure for ourselves. The result is that we are so busy pursuing the predatory ego-centred exploitation of each other (and of our natural environment), that we have failed to see that by means of our brainwashing into this false matrix (of an ego-centred perception of our reality), we have been bamboozled into executing the process of our own existential destruction.

This brainwashing of normal humans into perceiving a false matrix of reality that pivots on leading us into an ego-centred false perception of our individuality, has been deliberately executed by agents that are external to our normal human domain. These agents aim to distract normal (as compared to the masquerading) members of the human family, from recognizing our cosmic potential They also aim to distract us from recognizing our existence in the bio-electric union (that embraces the lives of each of us as sentient entities), and thereby makes false, the ego-centred matrix through which these agents have set out to brainwash us into seeing and executing our existence.

For these brainwashing agents that are operating from outside of the domain of human reality, their strategy of seeking to distract and to misdirect us away from the presence and the substance of our sentience-linked membership in the bio-electric union is critical. That is because our membership in this bio-electric union requires each normal human to operate with empathy as well as mutuality to each other, and to our natural environment is well. The prospect of our operating consistent with those requirements, is contrary to the interests of these manipulating agents. That is why they have resorted to brainwashing the members of the human family.

Furthermore, if and when we begin to operate consistent with the requirements of this bio-electric union in the day to day processes of our living , we will be generating the positive energies from our living, that will drive the invading alien out.

Therefore, when we decide to operate according to the sentience-linked bio-electric union that forms our human roots, we will not be using our daily processes of living to generate the negative energy (on which the invading agents feed). Instead, we will refrain from engaging ourselves in operations of ego-centred predatory exploitation of each other and of our natural environment.

The manipulation of us to continue producing negative energies, that has been executed by using the doctrines of capitalism and organized religions to lead us to adopt a matrix of false individuality (into how we link ourselves to our existence), is the instrument of agents of a hostile alien intelligence. These agents have entrenched themselves in the institutions which regulate normal human societies. They aim to misdirect, misinform, and to generally distract normal (as compared to masquerading) members of the human family from aiming to achieve the Human Evolution (that our sentience has on offer to each normal member of the human family).

Our Human Evolution is about how we succeed in living as conscious entities. It is not about how we are able to successfully earn, so as to be able to purchase the wherewithal that we prefer. Essentially, it is a state of disciplined participation in our reality that we will need to seriously begin to execute.

It is only by focusing on causing the achievement of Human Evolution to be the outcome at which we aim in living, that we can begin to create the necessary positive energies that will overcome the brainwashing scheme to which normal humans have been exposed . Furthermore, by making the achievement of Human Evolution as our living-centred focus, we will be able to begin to protect ourselves from the systematic creation of servitude, where we operate principally as creators of negative energy. That is the debased state of existence into which the agents of the invading predatory intelligence (in human masquerades) are using their entrenched position in the institutions of our society, to manipulate our governments to push us.

The Human Evolution at which the normal members of the human family need to aim, is therefore a level of living where (in our day to day operations), we share in a sense of communion and of (existential) bonding with each other and with our natural environment.

Any activities into which we each enter, where we operate as an ego-centred plunderer and exploiter, that is primarily seeking financial gain (from the domain that embraces our lives), is not the path out of which our Human Evolution will be forthcoming.

Notably, if we intend to be producers of positive energy, (that will accompany our experience of Human Evolution), our daily effort commitments must be guided by empathy and by a commitment to mutuality, (among ourselves as well as between ourselves and our natural environment).

Substantively, too, a person who is on the road to Human Evolution, is also on a road of sentience which has allowed him/her to become aware of the cosmic linkages that we humans also share in. As a result, that person will also recognizes that he/she has the obligation to help to protect our planet from externally-initiated overt or covert attacks on it.

The tactic of using the capitalist doctrine and the doctrines of organized religion to lead us into being ego-centred creators of negative energy, is therefore also an alien-induced strategy in behalf of destroying the earth that is our home planet. That is why we need to recognize that there are systematically operating inhibitors on the road to our achievement of Human Evolution.

The prime instruments which are used (by this invading alien intelligence that is pursuing the destruction of the human family) are specious doctrines, (such as capitalism and organized religions) and also associated information misdirection, (that leads humans to operate in a selfish ego-centred manner, rather than in a collegial one).

Warnings about normal humans becoming thus exposed, were reported in the scholarly research reports on the ancient pagan Gnostic Scholars, that were presented by John Lamb Lash (2006); Not In His Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology, and the Future of Belief; (White River Junction, Vermont, Chelsea Green Publishing Company).

In this research report by John Lash, the author told us that the ancient pagan Gnostic Scholars had communicated to us that an invading alien intelligence and its agents (in human masquerades), that are from lower dimension of existence, has arrived on our planet. They also warned us that this invading alien intelligence is entrenching itself in the management of our principal institutions, with the aim to engineer the destruction of humanity.

These invaders particularly aim to destroy our ability to pursue our potential to achieve the cosmic-linked Human Evolution that our sentience has on offer to each normal member of the human family.

The ancient Gnostic Scholars also called the agents of this invading predatory intelligence "artificial men", archons. They told us that these archon agents are non-biotic, and are on an assignment which aims at the destruction of our humanity, but that while they are going about their operations with which they aim to destroy us, they are also operating in human masquerades.

Additionally, these pagan Gnostic Scholars told us that these artificial men from a lower dimension of reality (that are the agents of the invading predatory alien intelligence), are essentially committed manipulators that are devoid of empathy. They therefore use deceit, and misrepresentation, as techniques in their tools of human conquest and destruction. However, they are particularly committed to hierarchy and operate on a type of hive mind; (cue the Borg in the TV program "Startreck") and are at the same time technically centred and mechanically adept.

The bottom line is which we face is that, if humans hope to survive this attack on the human family by the invading alien intelligence, we need to do so by the steps which we take in the day to day operations that we use to execute our lives. In particular, the normal members of the human family will need to enter into our (sentience-promoted) responsibility to behave in empathy and with mutuality, in our interactions with each other as well as with our natural environment. Thereby, we will be about the business of generating the flow of positive energy that will begin to drive the archons out, whilealso putting ourselves on the road to executing and achieving the cosmic-linked communication and bonding that the pursuit of Human Evolution promotes.

Meanwhile, to prevent us from proceeding on these fighting-back operations against its prevailing dominance, the agents of this invading alien (from a lower dimension of existence) have been systematically manipulating and brainwashing us They are about the business of using the doctrines of capitalism and of organized religions, to condition members of the human family into operating as ego-centred entities who unthinkably act against their own best interests.

Specifically, these doctrines are used to condition normal members of the human family to perceive themselves as separate and separable individuals, (who, to be successful in their lives), need to draw on and to use these archon-provided doctrines as guidance.

In particular, respective normal members of the human family are being conditioned to ignore and to forego bringing empathy and mutuality to bear on guiding the day to day time and effort selections which they make. Instead, these doctrines are used to lead normal humans to see their living, as being executed in a time-space which allows them to transform their encounters (with each other, or with the natural environment) into direct or indirect opportunities to secure more cash and marketable wealth (that they may either claim, or offer as religious donations)

If normal humans are to inherit a future, we cannot concentrate on the money and wealth-centred seduction into which the archons have led us. Instead, we will need to begin to evolve the type of understanding that will allow us to execute and to experience the patterns of bonding with each other and with our natural environment, that our sentience requires of us. Thereby we will have access the cosmic linkages and the Human Evolution that our sentience promises

However, securing that achievement is going to be a difficult job, because the archons (in their human masquerades) have been able to place themselves in effective leadership positions in the elite-driven dominant institutions (which regulate and control how we understand and go about our living).

These human institutions over which the archons have secured effective management control include the government; mass communications media, formal and informal education; organized religions, and the military-industrial complex. As a result, our society is NOT emphasizing that we should concentrate on executing a bonding with other members of the human family, and also with our natural environment. Rather, the human family is being set up (by the archons) to use fratricidal as well as predatory environmental exploitation. Thereby, they aim to promote and to execute our existential destruction.

It is not is our Human Evolution which is being promoted, when the governments of respective societies aim to get the society over which they preside, to concentrate on enhancing the volume and the market value of the goods and services (inclusive of advertizing and insurance) that are on offer in market competitive commercial trade.

Correspondingly, when these governments talk about economic growth, they are talking largely about the financial profit opportunities and achievements of corporations. They are not talking about the quality of the time-use opportunities that become accessible to the members of the society.

Human Evolution is also NOT being promoted, when the society sets out to use the instruments of formal and informal education to lead its members to operate largely as mindless and unthinking consumers of commercial advertizing and of propaganda of various sorts.

The normal members of the human family will secure opportunities to access Human Evolution, only if they make themselves aware of the critical details about our roots. That will allow them to become aware of the details of the sentience basis on which our human existence as well as our access to Human Evolution, pivots.

Roots of the Tree

To overcome this alien invasion and occupation of our society, and to secure access to the communion (in the form of a shared state of cosmic-linked human existence), we will each need to make our respective day to day actions into essentially responsible choices. These will be indicated by the patterns of activities to which we commit our efforts.

Normal members of the human family are called upon to ensure that the actions that we take among each other, (as well as between ourselves and the rest of the natural environment), must be consistent with the principles of a shared empathy and a commitment to mutuality. Our continuing membership in bio-electric union (which envelopes our lives), requires that we should so behave.

Currently, however, the archons have conditioned humans (in their respective societies) to rank the outcomes of their choices in terms of the forthcoming financial results. In prevailing societies where normal humans exist, how our access to our Human Evolution is affected, is therefore being ignored.

To redress the oversight of our interests, into which the archons have conditioned us (largely by means the specious doctrines of capitalism and organized religions), we need to begin to better understand the sentience roots out of which our human family arose.

However, the difficulty of doing so, arises from the fact that capitalist doctrine was introduced by the archons for the purpose of getting humans to execute (without thinking) ego-centred fraternal as well as environmental exploitation and predation. The result is that normal members of the human family have been essentially conditioned to secure ego-driven financial and other selfish materialist attainments (that arise from making themselves comfortable with the practice of greed).

Additionally, the archons used organized religion to condition members of the human family into perceiving themselves (at the unconscious level) as being individuals who without religious affiliation, are lost in the world. These archon-promoted organized religions do not recognize humans as being members of a community that is a bio-electric union.

At the same time, the doctrines of organized religions promises respective humans that they will be conditionally able to share in an after-life of bliss,(that is of interminable existence and of timeless duration). However, the condition for securing this life-after-life benefit (which is offered in these archon-provided organized religions), is that the attainment will become accessible only to those humans who become redeemed entities. Furthermore, they will become redeemed by virtue of their being willing to operate in their current living, within behaviours that the professing anointed agents of the external deity for that organized religion, have pronounced as being acceptable to the deity.

It is a management routine regarding how we see ourselves, understand our world, and manage our lives, that the archons are using their entrenched positions in organized religions and in the other fundamental pieces of our social structure to execute.

In the process, the archons use of the content and the structure of formal and informal programs of education and mass communication, together with their operations as "gatekeepers" regarding acceptable ideas and understanding that these institutions promote, fo structure how we think and understand. In doing so the archons set out to seduce normal humans into NEITHER recognizing nor appreciating the presence of the (cosmic-linked) bio-electric union (in which the normal members of the human family exist).

As a result, normal members of the human family have been seduced into foregoing and overlooking our responsibility to pursue empathy and mutuality so as to produce the positive energy (in behalf of achieving the communion that will accompany our Human Evolution).

We are instead, now operating within the ego-centred pursuits into which the archons have conditioned the normal members of the human family. As we go about activities such as inter-personal exploitation, fraternal predation, and small conflicts as well as the larger decimation that is produced by wars, we are now unthinkingly providing support to generating flows of negative energy (on which the archons appear to feed).

However, our membership in the bio-electric union, (out of which the sentience grid in which we share is generated), requires all normal humans to behave with empathy and mutuality, if they hope to be participants in the cosmic-linked communion that is our Human Evolution.

Therefore, we each need to take steps to understand the non ego-centred roots on which we each need to concentrate, in behalf of the survival of the human family. Furthermore, until we each begin to also conduct ourselves as being a responsible part of our functioning universe, we will be placing ourselves outside of the promise of communion and of Human Evolution that our sentience has on offer to us.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Power Source

As sentient beings, we each have a responsibility to enter into activities that will foster our Human Evolution. However, before we can begin to understand why we must so behave, we each also need to understand the roots that make us who we are.

This means that we have to pull our consciousness out of the ego-centred perspective on our being, into which the archons have systematically used the capitalist doctrine and the doctrines of organized religions to brainwash us. That brainwashing of the members of the human family into an ego-centred perspective on their existence, is the principal bamboozle, mis-direction, and mis-perception, which the invading alien intelligence that the archons serve, has been executing.

To begin to free ourselves, each normal human being needs to see him/her self as a responsible, functioning, mind and sentience-guided, operating point in an integrated universe, (to which, we each have the obligation to knowledgeably contribute (as a responsible member of a community).

So far, respective normal humans have largely been led to judge themselves, and to appraise who they are, in terms of two different archon-provided (and effectively human-destructive contexts).

The capitalist-promoted context on the way in which we go about living, concentrates on leading us to use financial-attainment guidelines. It leads persons to make judgements and to rank the effectiveness of outcomes from their efforts, based on the quantity of market-measured financial wealth that has been forthcoming or that they will expect to generate from their choices of actions.

The other perspective which persons have been conditioned to use to guide and to judge how they go about their living, pivots on an understanding which accompanies the organized religions that the archons have also promoted. In this religion-centred appraisal context, humans are offered the opportunity to secure an existence in a "fold" of redeemed persons, (who will have gained access to an after-life existence of non-terminable duration).

However humans are made to understand that they will gain their ecclesiastical passport to that after-life existence, only by surrendering to behaving consistently with patterns and choices that the ecclesiastic guides (in behalf of the archon-indicated EXTERNAL deity of that religion), instruct them as being paths of living which they should follow.

Yet, what normal members of the human family need to recognize is that, both the capitalist doctrine and the doctrines of organized religions, are particularly designed to distract us (as normal sentient humans), from pursuing the requirements in behalf of reinforcing our cosmic linkages out of which our opportunities for our Human Evolution arise).

These (archon-provided) doctrines are being used to distract normal sentient humans from recognizing that, for each of us, living is an opportunity to place ourselves knowledgeably, and also productively, into the existential unity that is our natural environment and reality.

In contrast, the archons are using their doctrines, to lead us to pursue living as an operation which is principally about the exercise of property-accumulation; and is also about securing our respective ecclesiastical passports into an after-life of promised bliss, that an EXTERNAL deity offers.

However, as a result of their awareness of their bio-electric linkages, normal humans make a distinction between the existing substance of their human self, and the substance of legitimately ownable or available property. As a result, although the capitalist doctrine seeks to condition us to pursue living as an exercise toward securing enhanced financial achievement, normal sentient humans are otherwise oriented. They respectively pursue living as a series of time and effort-commitment operations, which allow them to achieve (or to secure and experience), a shared blending into the prevailing integrated universe.

Furthermore, when each of us seeks to execute that type of blending with our reality, they are effectively seeking to achieve an existential communion with our autonomously evolving reality and its parts. Accordingly, we are essentially in the process of seeking to achieve our Human Evolution

However, in order to do so we will need to clarify (to ourselves) what are the roots out of which we sprung. In addition; we will also need to clarify what are the features in those roots on which we will need to draw (so as to successfully execute our Human Evolution).

In intuitive awareness of some background of communality in which we each share with other persons as well as the components in our environment), most persons usually end up asking themselves the following self-orienting questions

Who am I, (if anybody)? Where did I come from, (if any-place)? What am I doing here, (if any-thing)? Where am I going, (if any-place)? And Why?

There is a background on which we each will need to draw in order to resolve these self-orienting queries. However, in prevailing human societies which are now operating under the dominance of the archons and their priorities, we will not intuitively recognize the background on which we must draw, to resolve these self-orienting questions that we must clarify (prior to securing the communion that is Human Evolution at which we need to aim).

An elaboration, clarification, and resolution context for each question, (R@Qx) should therefore prove to be helpful.

R@Q 1

We are essentially what we are doing; what we have done; and also of what are the roots from which we spring. Essentially, however, our roots are bio-mechanical, as well as cosmic; and it is out of the union of these two that our built in sentience, as well as our promise of achieving Human Evolution arises.

Notably, this particular response portion of these self-orienting queries, is the base component and take-off resolution context to the other queries. Therefore, the response context to it is somewhat lengthy.

Unlike the archons (which are non-biotic entities that operate on a "hive" mind, while serving the invading alien entity that is at the centre of their "hive"), normal humans are empathetic biological entities that respectively comprise and portray a SENTIENT biological unit This portrayal, contrasts with the non-biological archons (in their human masquerades), and with their human converts who from the degeneration of their empathy, are helping the archons to destroy us (on the promise of gaining material and other rewards). There are also the archon interbred offspring as well,

Each normal member of the human family, essentially exists within, (and is also a member of) an encompassing executed bio-electric union that in its finished configuration, embraces the biotic as well as the cosmic component of our prevailing existence.

In that prevailing existence, we each respectively give content and expression to ourselves, by way of the selections of mixes of time, effort, and resource commitments into which we respectively enter, while we are proceeding on the path toward our Human Evolution, (that gives us the fulfillment that we seek from our remaining alive).

The respective unit member humans of this bio-electric union, have a sense of jointness with reality in the expression or in the operation of their lives among each other. Furthermore, how the prevailing bio-electric union is expressed in or through its unit members, is also mediated by the (never absent) operation of the units that express spatialization. As a result, time, as well as geographic or surface-space, is involved in the infinite combinations that embody or that make up the units that exist in the bio-electric union. In this case, if we try to communicate about, to establish, or to comprehend, the presence, the operation, and also the extent, of the prevailing bio-electric union (in which we are embraced/engulfed), we draw on features that are related to the ideas of when, and where, (and probably also, what wave lengths).

In addition, we need to be especially conscious of the fact that this bio-electric union (in which each normal human shares), provides the basis of our linkages to each other (as well as to the remainder of our reality). Furthermore, this bio-electric union in which we share, is also the cosmic pivot, as well as the locus of power on which the normal members of the human family will need to draw, if we are to overcome the invading archons.

This bio-electric union, in which we exist, was initiated (and was also executed) by the electricity from the universe of motion, (which accommodates inertia and gravity as being among its salient components and exemplars of power operations).

Substantively, the cosmic linkages (into which ourselves and the remainder of the members of the human family is enmeshed), arose out of a connection which was made by the electricity from the universe of motion, to the electrical message system, by means of which the human brain co-ordinates its organic management operations (in the human body at hand).

Subsequent to the initial electrical union with the human brain, other features of our reality were then incorporated as an extension of this initial bio-electric union.. In the process, the initial bio-electric union with the human brain, was extended into the electrical systems (at the atomic and sub-atomic level), that regulate the structure, form, and density to matter.

Each one of us, as a normal sentient human, is therefore essentially an heir to this executed and operating bio-electric union, out of which the living that we do pivots. The result is that, our human family is essentially enveloped into the remainder of our natural environment, and into our operating reality; and we cannot allow the archons to use their specious doctrines (and their disingenuous science tricks and misdirection) to distract us from recognizing this cosmic-linked union in which we exist and operate.

Accordingly, as members of the human family, to extricate ourselves from the current servitude-centred management grip in which the archons now hold us, we well need to draw on the power of the full electrical bonding to the cosmos, (and to the remainder of our immediate reality) in which we are embraced. Furthermore, it is out of this cosmic background in which we are embraced, that the guidance for our Human Evolution is also linked.

Meanwhile, so as to make us unaware of the immediate as well as the full reality into which we have been enmeshed, and thus unaware of our cosmic linkages also, the archons have brainwashed us into their introduced doctrines of capitalism and organized religions. They have also seduced us into other misdirecting "science-guided" subterfuges, regarding who we are, the structure of our world, and regarding what are our capabilities.

We therefore respectively have difficulties in resolving the question as to Who am I, because the archons (in service to the invading alien intelligence to which they are linked), have set about to nullify our built in capacity to easily resolve the question. Specifically, since these invading archons have set out to destroy us (as their prime goal); they aim to lead us into executing (without thinking), behaviours that are inconsistent with, and that are also intended to confound the linkage obligations (through the bio-electric union).that we have to each other and also to the rest of our reality.

However, the archons are also being inhibited in their success at destroying our consciousness. That is because there arises out of the extended bio-electric union, the phenomenon of the sentience grid.

This sentience grid exists in the form of an operating conjunction of force-potential that functions as a communications nexus, across the whole bio-electric union, in which we each are enveloped as members. However, the archons don’t want us to be aware of its presence, its potential, and its power capability.

As an essential part of who we are and of the responsibility which we bear as normal members of the members of the human family, (individually, as well as collectively), we need to bear in mind this fact. The sentience grid enfolds normal members of the human family into a robust bio-electric union, that gives each of us the potential to actively communicate and to mutually have an existential sense of each other (if our actions are continually guided by the exercise of empathy, and by a commitment to mutuality).

However, the archons are hell bent on using their ensconced positions in directing the programs of the principal management instruments of respective normal human societies, to thwart and to negate our awareness of the sentience grid, and also of our potential for our Human Evolution. Their aim and


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