Fukushima: Japanese police entrap 150,000 protesters underground


I’m in front of official residence. There are more than 100,000 people. Police blockaded the public street in front of Member of the House of Representatives meeting place to violate the right of petition.

Riot police made the “breakwater” in front of official residence by using 6 cars to prevent people from joining. However, people are yelling “No restart” like a storm. It’s started raining hard.

Police is shutting down the exits of subway station one after one, people are stuck underground to come late. They can’t get out, platform and ticket gates are full like Sushi, women are screaming. Cabinet of Noda is trying to oppress the voice of people. It was really dangerous today.

The streetlights were turned off, maybe it was for that reason? > Maybe government doesn’t want us to take the picture of “official residence surrounded by people” never again. It had that much impact.

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Reference: http://fukushima-diary.com


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