Boobs become news

Britain's Sun reports that a TV news reporter was left embarrassed and shocked after an interviewee offered to flash her boobs (Her photo in not shown here).


The mystery woman was answering questions about a blast which damaged a building in her neighbourhood.


She surprised the reporter by randomly revealing a cleaner who worked nearby had once seen her boobs.


She said: “I know the vacuum cleaner man - he’s seen my t**s.


“I know that’s not running on TV, it’s true - i’m not here to lie to you.”


In a separate news report, reveals that ran a photo from Playboy in which a woman wantonly displays a hot naked boob as the illustration for a column today. This fact was noted by many readers and by Jim Romenesko, and the photo was removed.


"Will we allow faceless news organizations to try to erase the historical record like that?"

The original boob photo is above.  Guess which photo?


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