Fatal Floods hit Central Europe

The most severe flooding in Central Europe in more than an era has killed at least 9 people, forced thousands to flee from their homes and disturbed transport around the district, authorities said this on Monday.

Dense rainfall in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic over the weekend caused rivers athwart the region to erupt their banks. Travel via road and trains were disturbed in many areas, with towns cut off and some institutes closed.

Authorities in the Czech Republic verified seven deaths from the overflowing and said quite a few other people were missing. Austria’s Interior Ministry informed two deaths, with another person missing.

In Prague, helpers and soldiers were serving authorities to set up movable flood barriers ahead of a probable peak in water levels on Tuesday, while parts of the capital\'s subway system were shut as a safety measure.

Dozens of roads and rail lines round the Czech Republic also were shut due to flooding, the authorities said. The heavy rainfall also initiated landslides as drenched soil fell along a river bank near Prague, and thousands of people have been expatriated from drowned areas over the past two days.

The Czech government stated a state of crisis Sunday, producing the release of some 300 million koruna ($15 million) for use by saviors and regional authorities in the flood-hit areas.

\"If further financial funds are required, the administration can make them obtainable swiftly,\" said Prime Minister Petr Necas, counting that the administration may release an additional 1.3 billion koruna for road and train and track maintenances.

The rains there were estimated to peter out by Wednesday.

Some of the most horrible damage in Germany was in the Bavarian three-river city of Passau, which was entirely flooded. The states of Saxony and Thuringia also got affected. All in all, at least 30,000 workers are involved in the saving measures in Germany, as well as the army.

Germany’s Interior Ministry said that the central police and mechanical relief organization were supporting emergency relief efforts.

Transport on the Rhine has been postponed until at least until Tuesday or Wednesday, said a spokesperson for the regional flood registration facility.


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