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Global Warming demonstrates World Financial and Political Scheme

The recent claim by scientists of finding hundreds of plumes of methane gas, some 1,000 metres in diameter, bubbling up through tundra in the Arctic of Russia in general and Siberia in particular, would have everyone believe it is happening because of melting polar ice due to Global Warming/Climate Change.


As usual and as always, the deception is also found here, just the same as with all of the press releases associated with so-called scientific discoveries which are strictly designed to promote GW/CC. Supposedly, there is all this methane being released into the atmosphere because the Polar ice sheet has retreated and thinned to the point that methane gas is escaping through the tundra in areas where normally it would be covered by a thick layer of ice.


What they deliberately did not tell the world was they monitored this phenomena in an area of the world where this high level of methane should have been expected. This area of the world is a region very active with volcanoes, both on the mainland and undersea. Thus, to measure methane levels in an area where one would expect very high levels of the gas to be present was purely a deliberate attempt to frighten people into believing in the GW/CC myth. It appears they are measuring CH4 levels the same way they measure CO2.


In areas where high levels of these gasses are expected. Most monitoring stations are near volcanoes, sea mounts, fault lines, and fissures where high levels of both CO2 and CH4 are naturally produced.


With monitoring stations placed in locations where CO2 and CH4 are expected. The GW/CC propagandists can claim to record unusually high levels of these Greenhouse gasses, blame it on human industry while resting assured of making an accurate claim. We are just not told that such high readings are commonplace in the areas where they were recorded, and have nothing to do with human activity or melting ice.


The overall level of CH4 and CO2 in the atmosphere is so minute it amounts to only a fraction of one percent in relation to the entire composition of the atmosphere. To claim that current levels of CH4 and CO2 are high enough to make a climatic change is in itself a preposterous statement. Clearly, what we have here in the whole idea of GW/CC is an unproven idealism without any evidence of it being a reality. Everything we are told is based on fabrication, manipulation of information, blatant lies, and distorted data. If GW/CC was a reality as we are led to believe it is, there would be no need for the finagling, but since this is all we see from these Marxists is lie after lie and no concrete evidence to support their claims.


We must deduce that it is being promoted for political and financial reasons. The nucleus of GW/CC was born in 1987 at the 4th World Wilderness Congress by Edmund de Rothschild in a statement he made that CO2 was responsible for a ( nonexistent) GW and to combat it massive amounts of money was needed. From this, the Rothschild’s’ founded the World Conservation Bank, which later became the Global Environment Facility, which then blossomed into the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Interestingly, it is these financial institutions which deal exclusively with all matters relating to GW/CC in the world. They directly benefit from carbon trading, cap and trade, and renewable energy sources such as wind and solar projects. Governments who subsidize renewable energy sources are in reality, financing these institutions.


Anyone with an IQ above moron can see what a brilliant scheme GW/CC is for Rothschild’s financial institutions. If most of the world’s governments could be fooled into enacting laws restricting Greenhouse gas levels. It would push most banks and financial institutions into bankruptcy since such laws would restrict industrial manufacturing and production to levels where they could no longer operate and destroy overall economies unable to cope with the restrictions and massive inflation. Rothschild’s GEF, IMF, and WB would then rescue all in default and essentially become owner of every business and financial institution in the world that went broke due to his GW/CC scam. Al Gore is but a promotional tool in the quest for world financial dominance by Rothschild. The IPCC, WMO and other climate related UN organizations that are responsible for promoting disinformation help Gore with keeping the lie going and it is for his own financial gain. Making billions from GW/CC related efforts, Gore is assured of high profits from green investments since they are insured to be moneymakers being backed by governments and Rothschild related institutions, making them fail-safe. Altogether, Rothschild related environmental and GW/CC institutions and organizations promoting the scam to the world, amounts into the hundreds of trillions, both in capital, property and business ventures. In reality, Gore has sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for monetary gain. In this pledge, all Gore has to do to fulfill the bargain is spend a little energy now and then, promoting the desired deception. In the beginning, we were told that the world was warming at an alarming rate and human made Greenhouse gas was the cause. However, when those who chose to investigate their claims found no sign of rising seas, melting ice caps at the poles, disappearing glaciers, or evidence of warming in actual records. The term Global Warming was replaced by Climate Change where the climate clowns could claim that the worlds climates were changing and accommodate the idea with manipulated data, computer models, deliberately designed to show a predestined outcome along with doctored records showing a pattern of warming. Now CC has been changed to Global Climate Disruption simply because both GW and CC were found to be grossly misleading, based on information that is becoming more and more unbelievable to anyone simply by experiencing the weather and climate in their own area. GCD is based on research which still involves manipulation of facts. It presents a forecast of imagined climate scenarios based so called scientific findings such as archaeological discoveries and geophysical events like the recent distorted information on CH4 geysers in the Arctic. They’ve come a long way since the “hockey stick” embarrassment to a new level of manipulation in which GW/CC is predicting disastrous warming from current events. The bottom line is they have to continuously change their strategy and present GW/CC as an event which will soon come rather than it being an occurrence that is happening now, because there is no evidence of it occurring presently. This presented them with the problem of convincing people it is to come in the future without having any proof to back up their claims. GW/CC is all about wealth and power and has absolutely nothing to do with saving the planet’s environment. Wind farms and solar power plants are the biggest waste of time and effort that has come along in history. The wind and solar scam are nothing more than symbols of renewable energy, since they use more grid electricity than they ever produce. Wind farms in particular are notorious in having to use electricity from maintaining their equipment to having to be jump started by the grid for general operation. Solar power is almost as useless since it produces less energy than it took to make the equipment and to maintain it. A serpent in the form of the Rothschild Empire is the only way a lie such as GW/CC could have made the progress it has and it has convinced the US government in particular, to go along with these economically devastating policies. Their purpose is to promote the use of what amounts to experimental energy projects as alternative energy sources, along with an environmental policy which would return us to the stone age. All of which are based on an illusion and hyped up scenarios without any hard scientific evidence.


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