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Bill Gates Misleads Humanity on Global Warming

According to Bill Gates, the most efficient way to regress Global Warming is through ‘technology’. This message is an apparent and carefully strategized attempt to manipulate us, as humans from the real culprit which is the economic system in general or more specifically capitalism which is the worsening exploitative and needless destruction of our planet Earth by elites like Bill Gates who stand to lose power and prestige in the absence of capitalism.

Global Warming has for some time now, since the inception of the industrial era, become a very pressing issue that threatens the very survival of the human race and the entire planet at large. There have also been various groups and individuals who continue to advocate strongly for better and more efficient and effective ways of turning around the incidence of global warming and its associated effects on the human population. This group of people have identified a number of ways through which global warming can be effectively tackled like the use of environmentally friendly energy sources like hydro. However, there is also another group of people and organizations who have decided to throw dust into the eyes of us and that group include people like Bill Gates. Instead of coming out with efficient and effective ways of handling the global warming problem, they have rather been vigorously propagating a careful cloaked deceptive strategy that advices people to see technology as the only way of tackling global warming.

For how long will the powerful and influential people like Bill Gates keep on exploiting humans for the selfish gains? The main causes of global warming which includes the use of energy sources like crude oil and CO2 emissions from most machines are rather being protected by this few elite people with capitalistic ideas who really know that the moment people learn the truth about adopting environmentally friendly means of livelihood will signify the end of their dominance over the world.

These elite few like Bill Gates have also sought to operate and function like puppet masters pulling all the strings with regards to how the world is managed. They solely rely and depend on the fact that they have for such a very long time now been able to lead the greater population into believing a lie that they do mean well for the survival of the human race and the planet whilst in actual fact all that they care about is their grip on power and authority in the world.

Something drastic needs to be done when it comes to the issue of global warming and if we do not stand up and fight for our very survival but rather decide to live under the deception of these very few elites, a time will come when it will be too late to do anything. Global warming currently is at a stage that requires drastic measures and strategies to address but that sadly is not the concern of capitalism-minded people like Bill Gates.


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