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Search Engines Block Real Answers on Nutrition and Natural Cures ... Use Instead

With so many health conscious people around, the demand for information about nutrition and natural cures has never been as high as today. The internet is a great place to seek answers to your questions. However, the internet is a very big world, and not all pages are there to provide you with the best and most honest information.

Over the years, the internet has grown into a massive beast, and finding your way through all the conflicting information can be overwhelming and difficult. Many websites are backed up by the government, mainstream media and big corporations. They are there to brainwash the people and lead us to their way of thinking.

As a truth seeker, you may have found it hard to find the right information, and if you are using search engines like, then the truth may be far away. will block all your searches on nutrition and natural cures. Do the test. Type in any natural cure and I'm sure you will leave the page without finding an answer to your question. is nothing more than a part of the CBS Digital Media Group.

All searches will redirect you to either the CBS news website, Chowhound, or other websites related to the CBS Digital Media Group – which is not the kind of information you want to rely on when it comes to your health and happiness. The search engine for the truth seeker

GoodGopher was developed by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and founder and editor of As the former CEO of a successful software company, he has now used his skills to create a privacy protected search engine that benefits the people and independent media, rather than the government or big corporations. filters out corporate propaganda and government disinformation. It is the best, and only, search engine out there for those who seek information and news on liberty, natural healing, central banks, food freedom, advanced science and a multitude of other topics no longer allowed in NSA-controlled search engines.

All information comes from independent sources which have not been corrupted by corporate influence, the mainstream media, or governments. Unlike Google, it bans or penalizes all sources of propaganda and misinformation. GoodGopher gives high rankings to individual journalists, scientists, bloggers and publishers with no interests in big corporations or government, and without prioritizing

Unlike any other search engine, it shows fair, high-integrity results, based on a relevancy algorithm that's applied equally to all sites. This means that small websites will have as much chance of being number one in the rankings for any given search term.

And the best part: GoodGopher is a privacy-protected search engine, meaning that it doesn't record search history or track browsing habits. So no spying there.

Why not give it a try now, at

GoodGopher feeds sites

To stay on top of what's new, scans all indexed websites every hour for news that will appear on, which features over 100 topic-focused news sub-sites. is the ideal tool to monitor the latest news and headlines.

Thousands of independent news sites and blogs are already indexed by GoodGopher, and appear in the news feed of, and you can be part of it, too. If you have an independent news site or blog, you can submit it here.

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