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Bernie Sanders Urges his Supporter to back Hillary Clinton

Cries from Bernie Sanders supporters threatening to vote for the Green Party or Donald Trump, came after Bernie Sanders publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.  Bernie Sanders has since urged is die-hard supporters to help Hillary Clinton win the race to the White House.

Though many of his supporters were disappointed with his decision to endorse his opponent Hillary Clinton, a broader overview shows that Bernie’s supporters will stick with Hillary and Democrats in that sense.  Pew Research Center found that 85 percent of his Democratic supporters as well as Democratic – leaning supporters planned to vote for Hillary in the general elections. However, 9 percent of his supporters will show amicable support for Donald Trump while 6 percent were either unsure or would vote for another candidate.

The Clinton campaign is also not left behind in making sure they have all the support needed from the now wavering Sanders supporters. They have been trying to unify all Democrats together for one goal only and that is to win the general elections.  Through direct appeals, events as well as vigorous efforts to adopt some of Bernie’s messages they have managed to get some of his delegates as well as student leaders from different states on their side. The democrats are also all lined up to support one candidate to the White House and so far the number is big.

All this comes after a long Democrat primary battle that saw Bernie Sanders lose to Hillary Clinton. But in order to defeat Trump they must all work together and support one candidate. “We are proud that she and Senator Sanders worked together on drafting the most progressive party platform ever put forward by the Democratic Party,” Minnesota Democrats wrote.

Though Senator Sanders has not dropped out of the race, his endorsement was an acknowledgement that he lost the Democrat nomination but still wants a Democrat to win and defeat Trump.

Trump has also taken the centre stage on all this through his tweets and press releases and is using Sanders past criticism on Hillary to garner his supporters to his side.


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