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Growing tension between Pakistan and India on Kashmir issue

Pakistan and India have always been tough rivals over plenty of issues. Kashmir issue is one of them, which have always kept them away from tying good relations between two countries. In recent times, situation of Kashmir has becoming an apple of discord between these countries.

After the death of Kashmiri activist Burhan Wani, people of Kashmir came out on streets to protest for their beloved leader and made situation worse by protesting over his murder. People couldn’t control their sentiments and started protesting across Kashmir valley. Forces are failed to bring out any successful result yet.

As per reports, more than 40 people have lost battle of their lives and more than 3000 people are battling with injuries. Indian army has imposed curfew in the valley since last 10 days. But, condition of Kashmir is becoming worse and tensed. People are requesting Pakistan Government to help them out in this crucial time. This is developing hatred towards Pakistan in the hearts of Indian Citizens. As they want Kashmir to join India rather than choosing Pakistan in every matter.

Recently, Pakistan has observed Black day on Wednesday to show solidarity with people of Kashmir. Prime Minister of Pakistan Said, “Indian brutality in Kashmir is condemnable. No country is allowed to violate basic human values. We are standing with the people of Kashmir at this hour of need”. This remark of Pakistani PM didn’t go well and Indian politicians lashes at Pakistan to stop interfering in their matter.

India’s External Affairs Minister spokesperson Vikas Swarup said: “India completely rejects in the entirety the decisions adopted by the Pakistan Cabinet on situation in Jammu and Kashmir. We hope Pakistan will desist from further interfering in India's internal affairs”.

Both countries are passing such rude comments over this matter. It seems both countries have decided that they won’t settle any issue with peace. People from both sides are requesting UN to solve this conflict and save several innocent lives. We can’t achieve any good result by declaring wars over innocent people. Politicians must think wisely and protect lives of thousand innocent citizens.  


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