United Kingdom: Hyde Park Sealed After Policeman Stabbed Amidst #blacklivesmatter Chants

Two police officers were rushed down to the hospital after one of them was stabbed and another was hit by a bottle amidst the clashed Hyde Park war zone in London. In the scorching heat of above 33 degrees about 4000 youngsters had gathered in the Serpentine Lake area of the Hyde Park. The fight turned on heavier at around 9 PM when the police started dispersing the crowd, resulting in a water fight. Riot police had to be summoned in the central London’s busy Marble Arch area ensuing in the closure of the park. The police officer’s injuries were said to be "not life threatening".

The crowd was heard to be shouting slogans of #blacklivesmatter in context of the unauthorized black killings in America at the hands of police that instigated a failed uprising on 15th July. An unexpected block bashment party, which is a popular music genre with roots in Jamaica was scheduled to be on the go but the violent sparks started when the police officers barred the members of the large horde from setting up the music system. One officer was stabbed in the hand while another was hit on the head with a glass bottle. Soon after, teenage youths including young girls were seen running around with large knives chanting the #blacklivesmatter slogans. A police helicopter was run up to monitor violence at the spot. Hyde Park was in state of a chaos with people scampering around, shouting slogans and ruining the peace of the locality.

Supermarket ransacking by at least 200 youngsters along with stealing at the nearby MC Donald’s restaurant amidst the violent carnage was also reported by the witnesses. Some of the members of the staff at the supermarket stores were also injured by the mob.

The police have announced that an investigation has been launched into the matter and are assuring that the violence was not at all related to the black upsurge in America. People on social media are condemning the youths for using the slogans and the related events as a means to usher wrong confusions and mixing impish elements with political and racial uprisings.


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