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Clinton Set to Announce VP Candidate

Hillary Clinton is yet to make a pick for her running mate for the Democrat Presidential ticket. So far the search is centering on three main contenders, Labor Secretary Tom Perez, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Virginia Senator Tim Kaine.

This news comes as the Democrat prepares for her party’s national convention which is set to take place next week in Philadelphia.

Though she has not reached the final decision, the Democrats say that she is weighing on a number of issues and factors like the persons readiness to be president, personal compatibility as well as the ability they have in helping her and her administration run smoothly.

In a recent interview that she had this week with CBS News, she said her main criterion was "would this person be a good President? You know, I am afflicted with the responsibility gene and I know what it’s like being President. "

So far she has been projecting a campaign that aims to break down barriers as well as build bridges so as to mobilize the diverse set of voters who voted for her predecessor twice.

Vilsack and Kaine have been through the process twice with Vilsack being among the final group to be considered for the same role by John Kerry in 2004 while Kaine went through the process in 2008 for Obama.

Kaine has a broad experience especially when it comes to politics in the State of Virginia. He has served the State as Mayor of Richmond, Governor and Senator. He has also served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

As for Vilsack, he has served the Obama administration for many years. He has also known Clinton for years and has worked up-close with her.

Perez, is also set to galvanize Latinos and is regarded a top contender mainly because of is policy chops.

Clinton will make the final announcement herself on Saturday at a rally in Florida. She also has a vantage point as she was involved in her husband’s selection of Gore in 1992 and knows what is expected of a Vice President.


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