Munich In Fear: Terror Attack Leaves 10 Dead 21 Injured

Germany’s third largest city went into a shutdown after a gunman shot dead 10 people and wounded at least 21 including children in a demanding shopping district of the city. The police found the same gunman dead after he reportedly shot himself in the head about a mile from the shooting area. The unidentified gunman was an eighteen year old German Iranian who chanted “Allah o Akbar” while shooting the people across the street. No claims and responsibilities of the shooting have been taken of by any organization.

The assailant started firing towards a McDonald restaurant from across the Olympia shopping mall at about 5:50 PM which is near to the site of 1972 Olympics. The police are still investigating whether he had any close acquaintances that rally rounded him in the attack.

Shooting victims have been taken into Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and other close by hospitals.

A witness said she heard the gunman say, "Allah o Akbar. I know this because I'm Muslim. I hear this and I only cry."


Souleyman Daitzik, whose son has been shot in the rampage, says his daughter is missing and he does not know where his son was taken to in the turmoil or whether he was even alive.


Hendrik A, witness to the shelling described that he was riding his bike towards the mall when he saw the bloodshed. “I was over at the shopping center waiting for the light to get to McDonald’s; I didn’t even realize the chaos or the panic that was around me. I came to a stop light, and then I first realized that things were not normal. There were three bodies lying on the ground. And my first thought was O.K, they’re just lying on the ground, nothing really happened. Two of them didn’t move, one did. Five to eight shots..It was not insane panic like you would imagine, a stampede or anything, but people were a little uneasy.”

Munich Transport Corporation said that two subway lines U1 and U3 and many bus lines are experiencing interruptions because of police search operations which have been reinforced by Special Forces from Bavaria and nearby states.

The whole situation has been scrutinized by Horst Seehofer, the premier of Bavaria, and Joachim Herrmann, the state’s interior minister and a crisis meeting at the State Chancellery in Munich was convened.

Europe is on high terror alert as more and more lone wolf attacks perpetuate after the recent attacks in Nice, France and Wurzberg, Germany.



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