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Muslims Face Discrimination in China

Religious intolerance has now spread among all countries in the world. Minorities are facing discrimination in almost every part of the world. Evil people are found among all communities and they always spoil the true face of their religion or community. Majority of Chinese are humanity lovers and support all religions. But some of them are hurting religious sentiments of minorities by putting several restrictions upon them. It should not be happen in such powerful state.  

China has huge number of Muslim population around 21millions. Since last few years, Chinese Muslims are facing discrimination while performing their religious prayers. Many Muslims from all over the world condemned news of such discrimination and urge UN to take action against this abhorrent act.

Muslims are banned to carry out obligatory religious practices that include fasting and growing beards in some parts of China. So called Muslim terrorist organizations are provoking Chinese Muslims to stand against Non-Muslims to attain their rights.

According to recent media reports, some of the Chinese Muslims are joining ISIS in Iraq and Syria after having religious restrictions in China. They are developing hatred towards other religions after experiencing restrictions. Religious intolerance has destroyed many countries across the world. Hence, China must take necessary actions to keep harmony among the nation.

Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping has visited Mosque in Muslim majority area of Western china and denies all charges that give rise to discrimination towards Muslims.  He further said: “Muslims should practice their religion and carry forward the patriotic tradition. Muslims must oppose illegal religious infiltration activities”.

In past few years, China has also faced terrorist attacks like other countries. In 2011, 65 people were dead in deadly attack in western city of Kashgar. Just three years later, a mass knife attack happened at the Kunming Railway Station that resulted into 29 deaths and 130 injuries. All these attacks were conducted by Muslim extremists.

Chinese government is planning hard to keep harmony among all religious sects living in China. Now, our world must be free from this torment of terrorism and let the people live with love and peace.



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