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Trump Threatens To Pull U.S from the World Trade Organization

His distastes for all things world can never get any worse than this, be it personal, political or just Business Republican nominee Donald Trump, trumps it all. He has the nudge and ability to just take a simple thing and turn into something totally different. Whether he will actually act on it if he becomes the President is the big question.

In his latest appearance at NBC’s “Meet the Press”, he threatened to pull the U.S out from international institutions and compacts. He further stated that he would consider pulling the U.S from the World Trade Organization should he win the election come November 2016.

His disgust for trade deals is well known and has been some sort of pivotal point in his campaign. In his convention in Cleveland he reiterated to the New York Times that he would not come to the aid of NATO allies if they had not fully paid their dues to the organization.

He further added that he would like to levy a tax of about 15 and 35 percent on all the products of companies in the United States that move their production jobs overseas. But when he was told by “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd that such hikes will never get through the WTO, he only responded the best way he knows how.

“Then we are going to renegotiate or we are going to pull out,” he said. “These trade deals are a disaster, Chuck. You know, the World Trade Organization is a disaster. ”

His dislike for the WTO has so far appeared to be based only on his view that it has helped created a trade imbalance for the United States of America. Though he does not explicitly say it but refers to the organization as a disaster and if elected as President he might actually do away with it.

In his quest for the Presidential seat, Trump has often said some misogynistic, barbaric and cruel things just to please the masses that believe in his ideology. He has even pledged to ban an entire religion from entering the U.S. He would practically say anything out of question just to see how the mass will respond.


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