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Zika Virus spreading across Caribbean Island

The Zika Virus is spreading blisteringly across the world and Caribbean Island is among the top destinations of this dreadful virus. Caribbean Island was once identified as the best vacationing spot. But after outspread of this disease, it is called as "Zika Virus Spot". This virus has become a horrible nightmare for all the pregnant ladies and one who are trying to become pregnant. People feel scare while travelling towards all these infected countries.


In May 2015, the first Zika virus was reported by Pan American Health Organization in Brazil. On 13 April, 2016, CDC confirmed that Zika Virus Causes Microcephaly and several fatal brain damages. So, CDC has forewarned and forbidden all those people who want to start a new family and urge them to not travel towards the places where this virus is prevailing.


DAN CAPILVSKI, MD, Associate professor of Infectious diseases and director of Travel Medicine Program Said: "The highest priority traveler right now are the Pregnant Women and that is why CDC put out a special advisory for Pregnant women to avoid travelling across such countries where Zika is known to be present".


The Caribbean Tourism Organization has recently released statement that tourist’s ratio for this year has increased since last year and they are making it certain that no virus travels to any tourist.

According to a joint press release, "The CTO and CHTA will continue to work closely with [Caribbean Public Health Agency] to assess the situation, but we encourage visitors to continue with their travel plans to the Caribbean and follow the advice and precautions issued by the World Health Organization, similar to those which are provided to travelers to most tropical destinations."


There are almost 457 cases of Zika virus were reported in Puerto and U.S Virgin Island till April 20, 2016. Several expedients are taken to fight against this virus and Health Officials are asking for co-operation from the citizens; requested them to always clean their surroundings and dump everything that holds standing water as mosquitoes can easily breed in the minute amount of standing water. Officials are trying their best to eradicate the roots of this virus.




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