Turkey Blackmails EU, Deal On Hinge

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has reportedly warned that if the deal with Turkey to stop the follow of migrants does not work out, Europe will be in the risk of facing a huge regional refugee problem. The prime minister has warned in the wake of the demands put up for European union to ease the visa restrictions on the Turkish citizens along with delivering promised funds of around $3 billion to help the country improve the conditions for around three million Syrian refugees.

The prime minister was speaking in the city of Istanbul during a joint press conference with his visiting Bulgarian equivalent.

Turkey has also threatened lately that it will not implement any agreement with the EU to take back any refugees.

Yildirim has said if the visa-falter deal and the agreement for the refugee's return are not implemented, "The refugee issue will not remain within Turkey's borders, it risks turning into a huge regional problem that will concern the whole of Europe."

Plans to release visa restrictions have loped into problem over Turkey's negative response to adjust its anti-terror laws at a time when it is fighting sharp terrorization from the Kurdish rebels as well the Islamic State group.

The conditions on this matter have been modified immensely since the agreement was first put forward on March 18 at the behest of German Chancellor Angela Merkel who has been under the siege after allowing about two million war refugees into the country initializing domestic opposition. It is since the wake of the agreement that Turkey has been facing a number of security threats and terror incidents including the terror attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport and the failed coup attempt of July 15.

The European union has reportedly backed out from its deal with Turkey after the coup aftermath which resulted in forced resignations from around 60,000 soldiers, policemen, teachers and other reputed officials as well as the arrest of around 18,000 people who have been supporters of the purported coup leader US-based Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen. The situation has worsened between the western world and Turkey with the President of the country allegedly claiming that the USA and NATO forces had been backing the coup leader.


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