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Selfie Can Become a Horrible Nightmare

Selfie can become a horrible nightmare

Selfie has become the talk of the town for past few years. It has become an integral part of our life that our every special moment seems to be tame and colorless without selfies. Neither adults nor kids enjoy their every event without capturing selfies. Hence, it is proved to be the best entertaining stuff but excessive use of everything is highly condemnable. In recent times, we have found many people who have borne number of injuries at the most dangerous places in the world while clicking self-portrait.

According to many experts, “Selfies have become an attention-seeking activity for the youth trying to find self-esteem in the `likes’ and ‘comments’ on various social media platforms.” Many sensible social media users are acknowledging this fact that people love to seek attention while posting selfies online. Several teenagers are keen to capture selfies at mighty daunting cliffs, from where they could easily fall down, but their passion for selfie have conjured their brains to the utmost.

Series of events had taken place within last few years, where numbers of youth got themselves injured or died while capturing selfies. Recently in Pakistan, three women tourists faced an extremely horrible incident of giant glacier falling on them while they were posing for a selfie. Their selfie turned out to be the most awful incident that they will never forget for ages.

Everything should be practiced in a limit but some people take it to the extreme level and that’s what has been done by a girl Sylwia Rajchel. She tried to capture her selfie on the bridge and faced terrible death. She fell from 15feet high bridge and plunged herself to death leaving several injuries on her body. You would have heard about an incident that young boys lost their lives while capturing selfie on the railway track. Their bodies were ripped into pieces after striking with high-speed train.

Several incidents have been reported, where people lost their lives due to endless selfie craze. Experts are urging all the parents to take initiative and guide their children to never take anything to such extreme level, where they need to put their lives at stake while satisfying their desire of capturing the most unusual self-portrait.


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