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Smoking Rate Gets Lower in England

Many adults and teenagers are badly addicted to smoking all around the world. They could not keep themselves away from this torment as it has become a necessary evil that almost every teenager loves to commit without thinking of the coming health problems. But after all this addiction, numbers of smokers have been decreasing in England. This year, numbers of smokers have fallen to the lowest rate than ever before.

Experts have said that e-cigarettes are merely responsible for this low rate. They have further stated that 2.5 million smokers made an attempt to give up this bad habit and every fifth person got successful.

Professor Kevin Fenton, national director of health and wellbeing at PHE said: “Alongside unhealthy diet, smoking is the biggest cause of preventable early death in England, accounting for 78,000 deaths a year. Quitters will soon see they have reduced blood pressure, easier breathing and better circulation.”

Government of England had been spending more than £25millions on anti-smoking media campaigns but now this amount has dropped to £5.3million, which is not less than a greatest development in the economic growth. Similarly, all the money that people are wasting on cigarettes and on the diseases caused by this smoking, could be utilized to fulfill other necessities of life. Some youngsters might think that smoking makes them cool or help them in approaching girls, but they are actually living in fool’s paradise.

Stoptober is another campaign that has ran all across England to make people aware of the health disorders that can cause severe problems for smokers. This campaign also proved to be fruitful at some extent.

However, by observing this situation, former England cricketer Phil Tufnell said: "I’m really pleased to be supporting Stoptober this year. I have smoked pretty steadily since I was a teenager, even throughout my cricket career. I have tried to give up before and know how tough it is, but I am going to try and quit again.”

Every rose has its thorn, just like every night has its dawn. This maxim truly describes the current situation that our handwork will surely bring good outcomes. So, we all must try to help people in quitting this dreadful addiction.


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