Trumping U.S. and Modifying India: Overnight Tables Turn

In a bid to change the history, two famous countries upturned the tables overnight, creating astonishing history. In a bid to end the menace of black money in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the 500 and 1000 currency bills be changed overnight and the older ones be banned. On the other side of the world, Donald trump was elected the president to the antagonism of many Americans, clearly demonstrating the annoyance at the win in the election alongside Hillary Clinton for the president of United States of America.  Reports by Telegraph have avowed that tacit protests have even started sweeping US with protestors burning effigies and blocking traffic all the way in 10 cities including Washington and Los Angeles.

Prime minister of India Narendra Modi has been in praises, ever since he made the sudden announcement to take over the old notes with new 500 and 200 rupee currency with the banks working overnight, helping people exchanging cash and depositing money.

"This is the biggest and the boldest step by the government for containing black money. It is like a surgical strike on black money," Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia tweeted today.

While it might be a little over the counter problem for common people since no shops, no travel mode and no eateries have been acknowledging old notes, there is a huge triumph for wasting up the black money holed up in cash.  But for the eulogizing part, Indians are contributing to their level best in making this new change worthwhile by praising the move and the timing to implement the same overnight.

In the western world, Trump has even been warned against his US isolationalist comments and his plan to impose 45% tariff on Chinese imports. President-elect Donald Trump threatened to tear up trade deals and pursue a more unilateral foreign policy under his "America First" principle during a tempestuous election campaign earlier. This has taken the China ministry by storm as they think that the current president is completely unpredictable.

According to the Independent, the stock market rushed down with the won of the 45th president of United States and experts predict that it may have results worse than Brexit.

According to the Business Standard, the change in currency overnight is going to have negative impact on the stock market but no long term effect. In a curb to cut down black money, fake denominations of currencies roaming in the market freestyle can be easily handled.

The social media has been roaring since hours both the announcements were declared. Trolling them on internet, it has been circulated that US got ‘TRUMPed’ and India got ‘MODIfied’. The future will tell, that’s for sure.


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