Oh Canada: There's More to Moving than Donald Trump

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With Donald Trump set to take office in January, Canada could be set to receive an influx of visa enquiries over the next few months. Leading up to the US presidential election, dozens of high profile celebrities - including actress Lena Dunham as well as normal folk -suggested they would move to Canada if the billionaire got into power.

In fact, such was the hysteria among some US residents that Canadian job search statistics jumped by 58% in the lead up to the election, while Canada's official immigration site crashed under the weight of visitors once the election result was announced. Although the number of Americans actually following through on their "I'm moving to Canada" claims will likely be extremely small, chances are there will be a lot of people who make the move.

According to the official statistics, 1.4 million people had been granted a temporary visa in Canada to August 2015, while 153,511 permanent visas were granted between June 2015 and 2016. Although the figures don't indicate why someone would want to move to Canada, they do suggest it's a destination for many. In fact, as we've noted ourselves here at agoracosmopolitan.com, Canada is a place where many choose to start a new life thanks to its "socially progressive government," scenery and security.

Of course, everyone will have their own reasons for wanting to move to Canada (and virtually all will have nothing to do with Mr Trump), so we thought we'd run through a few of them right here.

Impressive Icebergs

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Where else in the world can you be drinking beer and eating poutine in a bustling city bar one minute, then sailing past an iceberg the next? If you're looking for some stunning scenery to take you out of your comfort zone then Canada is the place to be. Newfoundland is right in the middle of "iceberg alley," which means you can see some of the most spectacular ice-made sights at your leisure.

Whether you want to take an organized trip in a boat, paddle up to one yourself or simply gaze in awe from the shore, Newfoundland's icebergs will take your breath away (quite literally as it's pretty cold). This contrast between city life and natural beauty is one of the main reasons Canada is such an attractive proposition for those wanting a new life.

Classy Casinos

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Forget Vegas and its ostentatious vibes. If you want a classy night out where you can share a drink, watch some entertainment and play the odds then Canada is the place to be. With the latest revenue report from the gcgaming.com showing that the third quarter of 2016 saw a 30% increase in revenue, there's certainly a buzz about the industry at the moment.

It's not just the live casino scene that's buzzing in Canada. Relaxed gaming laws mean online casinos have been able to flourish in recent years and, today, residents are spoiled for choice. In fact, with so much choice out there, Canadian iGaming experts are now showing newbies the way. At CanadasCasinos.ca those who are new to the local industry (i.e. new residents) can get unbiased overviews of the top sites.

From the bonuses available to the software and whether or not you can play via your mobile, this is essentially ShopBot.ca for casino sites. Similarly, CasinoBonusOnline.ca provides star ratings and customer comments for each site in much the same way as Amazon or eBay. Essentially, if you need to know whether the site is right for you, you check out what your peers are saying and use that as your base.

Perfect Poutine

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We've referenced it above, but if you haven't tried traditional Canadian poutine then you haven't lived. Originating from Canada but now available across the country, this dish may simply be fries, cheese and gravy, but it's a real taste of Canada. In fact, beyond this fast food feast, Canada's cuisine is actually extremely good. While the classics like maple syrup and bacon are often the first things new residents and tourists reach for, there's actually a lot more on offer.

Thanks to Canada's large Jewish community, bagels are big and few places do them better than Montreal. If you like desserts, then the combination of chocolate, crushed cookies and custard in a Nanaimo bar is for you. Finally, if you like a drink, then Canada is a beer-loving country much like the UK. From imports to native tipples like Big Rock, there's plenty to keep you lubricated.

Donald Trump might have renewed certain people's interest in moving to Canada, but there's plenty more reasons to emigrate. Whether it's the landscape, the entertainment or the food, Canada is a great place to escape the nonsense of politics and start a new life.


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