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Accra, Ghana: 7-Year Old Boy Gruesomely Murdered by Unknown Assailants

The gruesome murder of a 7-year old boy by name Prince Martin Addo, affectionately called Junior, has raised a lot of eyebrows as to where this world is actually going. It is completely unfathomable as to what will warrant the unprovoked killing of such a young boy.

According to reports making the rounds by family members, the mother of Junior who operates her own boutique at Ashaley Botwe realised the absence of her son and so decided to search for him. After some minutes without finding him, a neighbour informed the mother that she has seen the boy lying somewhere. The mother rushed to the spot only to find her son writhing in pain and crying. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead just some few minutes later.

The mother was at this stage inconsolable. However, there was more to come as upon further investigations by the doctor, it was round out that the boy did not die from natural causes but had rather been stabbed in the abdomen. Moreover, there were also bruises on his legs, which according to security personnel is an indication that the boy was dragged on the ground forcefully.

This recent occurrence has gotten majority of the populace in the country sharing their opinions and also voicing their disgust at how a young and energetic boy full of life could be gruesomely murdered by someone. Almost everyone who commented on the issue wanted the security forces to put in their maximum best in order to ensure that the perpetrator(s) of this heinous crime is/are brought to face the full force of the law.

However, there is a twist to the case as reports from the family members of the boy indicate that the officer in charge of the case has not been heard from in about a week now. This is in contrast to what the general populace expecting from the police with some of the people claiming that this case will also be given the cold treatment where the perpetrators of this act will never ever be brought to book.

The visibly distressed family members claimed that they have not heard anything from the officer in charge of the case. According to them, they were expecting the post-mortem to have been conducted long ago in order to be able to know what actually caused the death of their beloved, Junior. However, that hasn’t been the case as no post-mortem has been conducted to even ascertain the cause of death of little Junior. This situation has even been made worse by the fact that the family claims not to have heard from the officer in charge of the case again.

In an era where the lives of all and most importantly children are to be protected at all times, it comes as a surprise that the life of one so young can be gruesomely snuffed out within the twinkle of an eye. All eyes are now firmly fixed on the police service as the general populace wait for the day the perpetrators of this act will be made to stand trial for this callous act of wickedness on a 7-year old boy.


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