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Coronavirus was possibly created by the US Army, Iranian military official says

What if Coronavirus was not just a new disease, but an artificially-created virus used as a biological weapon? Well, Hossein Salami, a top Iranian military official, has recently suggested that nCoVid-19 was created by the US army to attack China and other enemies.

In an article published on online news site Radio Free Europe, “Hossein Salami, the commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), suggested on 05 March that the coronavirus might be an American biological weapon -- contradicting experts who say there's no evidence it could be man-made”.

“Today, the country is engaged in a biological battle", Mr Salami said to Iranian news site ISNA. "We will prevail in the fight against this virus, which might be the product of an American biological [attack], which first spread in China and then to the rest of the world," he added.

Iran has been one of the most affected countries by the virus. There are more than 14,000 confirmed cases and 850 people dead so far. Along these lines, the government has activated some plans to stop spreading fake news about the outbreak. “The head of Iran's cyberpolice, Commander Vahid Majid, said on 05 March that 121 people had been summoned for spreading rumors about the coronavirus. He said 190 others had been warned over the phone and told to remove content from social-media pages”, Radio Free Europe reports. "Dealing with those spreading rumors and those publishing fake news is currently one of the most important missions of the cyberpolice”, Mr Majid asserted.

“The coronavirus currently has a fatality rate of about 3.4 percent, with the elderly and those with underlying health problems dying far more frequently after contracting the virus”, the European press agency explains. “Massud Pezeshkian, a lawmaker and former Iranian health minister, suggested earlier this week that the outbreak in Iran was far more widespread than the government acknowledges, saying many infected citizens had not been identified”, it suggests.

Draw your own conclusions…

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