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Trump appeases voter base as gun stores remain open

Donald Trump has declared that gun stores, shooting ranges and weapon manufactures are essential businesses amid lockdown. The decision was met with criticism from human rights organizations including Amnesty.

In response to the announcement, Brady, a gun control organization, filed a Freedom of Information request for access to internal discussions that led to the Department of Homeland security to make the decision.

In recent weeks, the US has seen a rapid rise in gun sales, especially amongst first-time buyers. With a backlog of background checks, fears are rising of customers exposing a loophole in which gun dealers can make a sale if the background check takes longer than three days.

A recent nationwide survey showed that seventy-seven percent of Republican voters in the US, see gun ownership as morally acceptable. Only forty five percent of Democrats in contrast viewed gun ownership as morally acceptable.  As Donald Trump continues his reelection campaign, these results suggest that his decision could be a popular one amongst his voter base.

The survey was organized by BettingScanner, a site that ranks and reviews new sportsbooks in the US. The aim of the survey was to obtain an overview of how Americans perceive gambling compared to other practices such as smoking marijuana and the use of single-use plastics.

Joe Biden, who is currently the leading 2020 Democratic presidential nominee has previously announced a plan to end gun violence in the US. His plan would ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines as well as regulate the existing weapons under the National Firearms Act.

Biden’s rival Bernie Sanders has previously faced criticism from the left on the issue of gun control. Sanders had previously voted against a bill that promoted national background checks. During this 2020 campaign he has hardened his stance, advocating for background checks and a ban on assault weapons.


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