Recycling boosts funding for schools

EN — One of the biggest challenges facing Canadian public schools these days is having enough money to fund programs and services for their students. When Staples Canada heard about this issue, the company saw this as an opportunity to lend a helping hand.

“Seven years ago, we created the Recycle For Education program as part of our community@work program. Businesses and consumers drop off their empty ink and toner cartridges at local Staples stores to help raise funds for Canadian schools,” said Pete Gibel, vice president of merchandising at Staples Canada. It truly has been a phenomenal experience for our partner schools, and us as well. I'm proud to say that we've donated over 2.69 million dollars to the Recycle For Education program since its inception.”

Taking it up a notch

“We're amazed by how successful the program has been. For example, this past year over $500,000 in donations has been distributed to participating schools,” said Gibel. “As a result of this great success, we launched the first Computer Lab Makeover Contest. Staples Canada awarded Dover Bay Secondary School a computer lab worth $50,000 for their essay about positive environmental changes made by the school, its students, staff and community.”

New this school year, Staples will be giving away 20 computer labs valued at $25,000 each, to publicly funded elementary and secondary schools across Canada through its Recycle For Education program. Schools are encouraged to enter starting September 6, by writing a 300 word essay about the eco-responsible changes they are making to their school, community and families. Each school is allowed one entry, which must be approved by the principal and submitted online at

“We're so proud of this program and we're especially excited about our next computer lab giveaways. It's going to be a great school year and we wish everyone a lot of luck,” said Gibel.

For more information about Staples' ink and toner cartridge recycling program and the Recycle For Education program, visit


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